Friday, December 4, 2009


Trebuchet converted up with ancient ruin base and stone being thrown middle of painting

This would be the captain painted up on his matching base with the other worker peasant


two members of the crew on a 40mm base he is chipping away the next stone to throw! while the kid is going to shoot him in the ass


everyone altogether

more pics later

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bret Buildup!

Well I won a battalion box in Sept.! and got Brets. I am currently converting up 1 trebuchet and the King on his mount! I have also got new bases going for the 40x40mm pegasus knights!

Just wait pics coming soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KoR or KoE

Some missing heads but 10 more knights! I need certain heads to match up with the flat helmet the unit will end up having.


Second view!

Bretonnian Archers, I just noticed that i need to use Runic bases on the spikes

damn it


Second view of Archers


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well i currently traded some items on and am waiting for the arrival of more mini's.

Then I have another trade 18 skellies for more arhers another 14.

And remember this is alot I am posting at one time but this has been pinned, placed, and made all in a few months.

I have some other knights to finish, some to pin and more pics to take so stay on here so you can see first!


Men at Arms pics

These are in addition to the other Men at Arms pics that I posted before.




Army Pics on Shelf

From left to right


2 regiments of Cav(Peasants on Horses)


6 Knights of the Realm

5 Questing Knights

6 Characters including limited edition BSB, BSB character, Converted character and Mounted Damsel. I recently, but do not have pics of more knights I need to post.

This is the start to the army though!

Army Pics

Unpainted, and Unprimed(those I am still deciding on kinda, paitn will be red white, maybe green thrown in)

But this is the first army pic, Regiments include a Damsel, 2 regiments of 25 Men At arms and then knights. the M@A are positioned so that the right most line of them are left handed, allowing the shields to be positioned in the right hand. They just look different then the normal right handed WHF mini.


Army Worksight

The areas of work have included the kitchen table and down in the dungeon but both areas have war stories. Spilled cups full of Alumilite on my freakin static grass mat. Had other clear epoxy stuff melt through plastic onto the kitchen table. Chipped my boards and painting coats but here is what I have been working with.



Each horse is pegged in 2 legs at least, some have 3. There are different resin colors because i have tested out about $200 worht of other products before settling with Alumilite. It give you a 1:1 perfect msiing ratio, 60 seconds to stir, and then about 60 sec. to pour before needing to let it hold still.

enjoy the pics

Brets in Box many alreayd used!



Enjoy the Pics!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Post

Just to test the Blog out.