Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Chaos Dwarfs!

More Chaos Dwarfs

Still working on my friends Chaos Dwarfs for comish.  Got 12 centaurs finished with Marauder shields on them.  A couple more infantry guys done too.  Next will be Chaos Dwarf Warriors but he is trying to finish a unit of 30 off with lots on ebay right now.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

New board for 2012.  layered foam, terrain piece center, multiple hills, custom cut foam.  More pictures to come this is going to be a project for december for sure.

Also made some more movement trays, yes these are made our of foam and are big.  4 total - 2 60 hoard and 2 - 30 hoard.

Lastly but not least, they can be combined and made into 2 90 model units.  Hello Zombies! However I still need to buy the steel and then go about and latex paint them.  Probably paint all of the projects at once as that would be more efficient.

Carving out Bases

Working out in the garage Saturday.  Ended up getting osme bases done.  Below there is one of them carved out hopefully ready for the guts to go inside of it!
Marauders gone, by by and off to New Zealand!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ogre Update!

Ogres so far, Convering them to casted stone bases and hot wire styrofoam bases.  up to about 1k fully done without converting anything over.  Still have to base out the maneaters and leadbelchers.

Empire vs. Dwarfs 2k Gryfalia's Aerie Friday Night

Steve versus a new guys at the store.  He has dwarfs and I don't think Steve could make it across in one piece with all the artillary fire.  He then played me at 2k and beat me up by turn 4.  Pics of that are a little lower

Ogres versus Empire 2k

Gaming verses Steve last night he did beat me.  The picture above is after his turn 1.  He was able to out flank me with his MSU empire army.
Then by the time my Ironguts plowed through 2 units he got in a flank charge. I couldn't deal with 14 wounds from flaggelants, they rerolled to hit and wound in the flank.

Chaos Dwarfs Painting!

Doom rockets, blunderbuss, and CD Character

CD Character Close Up

Sunday, November 6, 2011

High Elves Trade/Sell ?!

Blue Table Painted High Elves..



Oh and Flatcon in October 2011!


Orc Ogres 2012!

Orc Ogres on Tale of Four Gamers getting ready for Adepticon 2012!