Friday, August 30, 2013

Iggefest 2013

IggeFest 2013 - Decatur, Illinois


Well after a long day of playing games Sunday in Decatur for the International Amigofest I may as well post here osme interesting things that happened. I took my WoC list at 2,000 points.

I took Demon Prince(nurgle), Dragon Ogress, Chimera, 17 Warriors, 4x5 Chaos Hounds, 6 Nurgle Chaos Ogres, 6 Chaos Trolls, and 3 Skullcrushers.

Game 1 Turn 3 vs. Dave Dickey

Game 1 went against David Dickey from Springfield. He took a Chaos Demon list with lots of compact blocks. He had a worked up Bloodthirster, 5 Skullcrushers, 40 bloodletters and 2 skullcannons. I lost to this but not without a fight. I did manage to kill his skullcrushers and 1 skullcannon but not before his Bloodthirsters wrecked havoc and finally hunted down my own skullcrushers. His greater +d3 stat item and multi-wound weapon did 16 wounds in 1 round to the SK.

Game 1 Dave Dickey's, Khorne Demons

Game 2 Ryan Goleman, deployment turn 1

Game 2 went to Ryan goleman from Springfield who brought ogres. A double giant list with 8 bulls, 8 guts, bsb, Slaughter master, and 4 mournfangs. The DP held up a giant and bulls for 3 rounds of combat while I fed the guts hounds and worked my way around them eventually flank charging several units. A win for the Warriors.

Game 3 Ryan Goleman's Ogre Kingdoms
Game 3 Turn 3 versus Igge From Finland.
Game 3 went to Igge himself, a chap from Europe who travel sto Illinois every so often. I went right for the kill with all my fast moving units marching right up front. Igge did get the first turn and shoot/flee my chimera because of bad placement but the DP ate up warmachines and dwarf gunman turn 2-4. Lots of action in the center of his deployment. Great time and won best painted out of 12 armies. Had a great time and can't wait until next year.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WoC Army Project: Chimeras

Demonic Warriors

3 chimeras GW's standard stock model in front with no alterations

Overhead shot of the same pose as above

Each of the IoB gryphons have the standard chimera head added on to the side, and a Manticore head mounted other the other.  Each of the IoB gryphon's also had a paw added to the respective Manticore half to resemble a more split monster.  One of the Gryphon has a added Dragon tail making the model double in length.  If I had two I would have added two.  The last and final piece is the fur.  The fur is a combination of two dozen fur patches and plastic manticore mane fur chopped up, glued and individually placed to fill holes.  The monsters were based and painted with the same layering technique as the rest of the army. 

Standard IoB Gryphon with only Heads added.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Warriors of Chaos: BSB on Foot

Recently at Invasion of Kenosha I won an Avatars of War figure.Kurz´Gan the Corrupted Scion

Found here:´Gan+the+Corrupted+Scion&id=118&Itemid=120
I have since converted and painted him for my current BSB on Foot.  I used my traditional cork base, multiple layering with washes and hand painted a banner(tried).

Front View, Head is a Chaos Warrior Head

The base is made from cork

The banner is converted and leaning to far foreward