Monday, April 26, 2010

MWR Updates! Not Bretonnians.

DoW Ogres! They scream into battle on their Battle Wagons!

Bat Swarms and new Fell Bats Fly into Battle! Bases Full of Packed Pecking Heat!


Monday, April 19, 2010

More space Wolf Knights with Axes

This is the last picture for the Space Wolf Knights: Regular legs were used but all Torso bits are 40k, Heads were specifically used to closely resemble non 40k themes, and axes were utilized to try and maintain a fantasy parallel. All efforts to green stuff tubes and wires will be used, but unfortunately VC are getting vamped back up for Midwest rampage in 1 month So go to and go to the show forums to get updated on other projects outside of the Brets(which are going to be shelved for a bit)

Team tournament Adepticon and Space Wolf Knights too

Yes these are Space Wolf Converted Bretonnian Questing Knights, or whatever I dang well WANT Enjoy people

Another view, maybe more to come


Team Tournament Round 1 against a DE and Chaos Troll WOC list Much Fun we won