Saturday, June 13, 2015

Midwest Rampage 2015: Orcs and Goblins

Midwest Rampage

May 2015

Well Midwest Rampage was awesome and I drug out my Orcs and Goblins for a 5 game 3,000 pts 2 day tournament in May of 2015.  Skarsnik lead the horde with, a level 4 Night Goblin Shaman, Goblin BSB, and 2 Night Goblin giant squig riders, 3 hordes or Night Goblins, a Horde of Squigs, a Giant, 4 Manglers, 2 Doom Dovers, 3 Bolt throwers, Chariots, and Pump Wagons.  

It was a fun time I played several players from the Chicago area and Wisconsin I went 2-1-2.  Additionally, I walked away with Best Painted out of 24 Players which I was proud of and scored a perfect 50/50 painting score.  Pictures below.

16" x 40" Display

Display Left

Display Right

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