Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friday night Fights

Spent some time at Gryfalias Aerie In Bloomington, illinois and saw alot of action going on. If your in the area and have a friday night free come join in for a game plenty of room with 5 tables in the back! A big 2k vs 2k battle and 2 team tournament games. Lots of attention Friday night with everyone showing 10+ people!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chaos dwarfs: Kdaii Destroyer or Hellcannon

Thought I'd throw up some images of the finished destroyers and/or hellcannon. The bases are made out of subfloor leftover from a bathroom project. The destroyer itself is a mcfarlene gemini model broken in half. I had to break the arms and reposition them, then pin them to 4x6 base. The quark is the same used on the other bases. Green stuff was used for the blue flames in the lava and joints. Different camera settings were used so I'll just throw all images in.

Friday night Fights

Stopped in and talked to the local guys just to see what was going on, snapped a couple of pics as they started 2 games. 2k brets vs. empire and skaven vs brandons army....I don't know what he brought....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kdaii destroyer and fireborn

Initial ideas behind my kdaii are demons or giant wormlike creatures breaking out of the ground. The paint scheme will hopefully tie in with the rest of the army and go something like a red body, bluish inards, and flesh gums. The ground is meant to be breaking beneath them hopefully that comes out better with a paint job and matching movement trays.
Further work has been done on these 3 units but will be updated with more pictures later. I plan to have finished by at least October. More cork was added to simulate the breaking of ground from beneath; however flames now have to be added to the kdaii to give them the fire effect....probly going to paint the fire blue to add more effect.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Unit Touchups

The following two images are unit fillers and unit markings like banner and shields. All are done with a matching color scheme and blue fire to tie in with the overall theme. The palaquin carried by 3 goblins can carry a unit champion or daemonsmith...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming: Classic Regiments of Renown PDF Released

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming: Classic Regiments of Renown PDF Released

Chaos Dwarf Display Board.

I started out with a 16x20 board cut to fit a picture frame. I then set the units where I thought they would naturally go on a battle-line. With a limited space and trying to fit one piece of terrain I found myself squeezing everything in on all sides. After finally realizing it may not all fit, especially at 3,000 points I just set them on the board. The first photo shows several units being in place and movement trays being covered by foil, otherwise my models minds might be read.
Another layer of plaster is added during stage 2, probably the hardest thing is making sure that everything lines up because its a mess chiseling it out later.
Basing of Black primer, Scorched brown, and Red gor
Stage 1 Final layers of blazing orange and golden yellow.
Stage 2 with final layers of paint touches of golden yellow.
Final Product, only some touchups to do.
after looking at the board through these lined up photos I am thinking we might need to add more golden yellow/blazing orange it sure looks orange. Additionally, I have etched out more slots for the movement trays, recoated the entire base with more golden yellow and will have to get final display pictures out but for now this is what we have! enjoy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Battle Report: Chaos Dwarfs

Well the Chaos Dwarfs did pretty well. I did mostly have to corner deploy and slow my enemies down. I had plenty of variety with 3 all new armies pitted against the poor yard gnomes; Skaven, Ogre Kingdoms, and Wood Elves. At 1600 points I was able to fit in 2 Daemonsmiths casters one metal and one fire, and Khan, 25 Hobgoblins, 20 Infernal Guard, 2 Death Shriekers, 1 Magma Cannon, 3 Bull Centaurs, and 1 Hellbound Iron Daemon.
The war machines did pretty well and served to kill individual characters, war machines, and large monsters while the magic support picked away at my enemies to. The Hellbound Tank served to both shoot threats before they charged and counter charge enemies who were within range.
This was Game 1 turn 5 against Skaven. Everything had fled or was beaten in close combat. With the large template from 2 death shriekers I was able to hit every round in the first 3 turns. Dawn Attack scenario helped also because i was able to deploy deeper. Unfortunately, the magma cannon only shot once and killed a few rats. The death shriekers were deff. spot on game 1. This ended up in a 23-3 win with all battle points achieved. -----------------------
Fought Ryan Golemans African Ogres Game 2. This one I had to corner deploy again. My magma cannon was able to kill 2 Mournfangs turn 1 and 1 turn 2 which neutered them. His large monster did get a charge off on my Infernal guard but not before taking 4 wounds from shooting, turns 1-3, and then napath bombs wounding twice killing him. Second best moment was Bull Centaurs taking on 6 Ogre Bulls for 1.5 rounds of combat and finally winning. The best roll of the game was when his Ironguts, Firebelly and BSB charged my hobgoblins, which I purposefully moved up, killing 20 on the charge and me rolling snake eyes. When Time was called I had a 600 point victory. ------------------- Game 3 Versus Wood Elves Turn 1
Game 3 versus Wood Elves, James Hyde. Again I had to corner deploy and castle its the only way to legitimately play a shooting army anymore. So my Bull Centaurs got led around a while but did kill off dryads and archers. The Irondemon was a little confused in the center but turned towards the right flank after awhile. My war machines pounded the T3 elves and eventually killed his BSB, Mage and Archer block behind the Treekin. The Treekin took a hit from seering doom and Final Transmutation on turn 2 which gave me a break forcing him to charge on turn 3.
After his treekin charge my Infernal guard they broke 1.5 turns later. The Daemonsmiths are kind of touch but not touch enough against treekin. I did have enough other stuff killed though and the wood elves only had 1 unit of treekin and a great eagle on the table left.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Chaos Dwarf: Bull Centaurs

These guys are all converted from old Ogres and a Dragon Ogre torso I think. The midsections are put together with double pins and greenstuffed. Then skulls were pushed into the abdomen and chains wrapped around them. Shields and a banner still need to be painted, but are assembled and primed. The dragon ogre torso had a missing right arm so I needed to pin and green stuff an ogre arm in its place and then add a shoulder pad. Of course the heads are from the Chaos knight box set and the bases are 50mmx75mm and painted to match the army.
Thinking of useing my old bull centaurs as centigors in an upcoming beastmen project...which would be a mish mash of all my leftovers from the chaos projects.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmiths

The first daemonsmith is on a temporary base but turned out well. The base on all of them was started with old foundation red and work up to the new blood red. skin tone is a mix of tallarn flesh - devlon mudd - T flesh - Ogryn flesh - tallarn flesh then tallarn flesh/elf flesh then nuln oil in the deepest cracks. The skulls were all pinned and added. The leather was all snakebite leather with devlon mudd wash then rehighlighted up with SB leather to bleash bone
His scepter broke during painting transport at the homestead but other than that I just need to base the little mfer.
As I painted this guy I realized its a pipe in his right hand not him conjuring up dark magic but I'll take my conversion :)
These are the primed before shots sorry these are in reverse order here.