Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wood Elf 'Sisters' Forest Dragon: Comission

Wood Elf Dragon

By ODT Gaming
A small fast assembly of a dragon in 1 week and painting in a couple hours.  The basing was left to the owner to match his current WE scheme.  standard washing and highlights were used with it.  The two 'Sisters' riding the dragon are pinned by their feet in the neck of the beast.
Prior to assembly each joint took 1-2 pins

Full view, tallarn flesh and green with black and green highlights

sisters were generic White cloak and black cloak.
The Dragon's Eye

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Halfling Army Project: Halfling Demi Cock Riders


Halfling Demi Cock Riders

By: ODT Gaming
These 2x3 units of Demi 'Gryph' Cock riders are usable in my upcoming Halfling army.  They were scratch built from rubber toy chickens and roosters and combined with Empire bits, metal halflings, and bretonnian peasant and knight bits.
Bits were taken from the Demi-Gryph Empire set to make the armor

Green stuffing armor was also used

This unit has lances and added on Bretonnian bits

Saddles were custom made and my cork basing used to


This is the link to the previous post regarding the assembly of the Demi Cocks: