Saturday, December 31, 2011

Big BSB in WiP!

This is the IronBlaster Ogre Converted into a new BSB.  Plasticard Tubing used for the telephone pole arm.  He is on a custom stone base with styrofoam hill top.  The standard portion is almost all from other Ogre Kits plus the platform is from the GW building kit!  Enjoy!
Front View

Top View
Rear End

Reaper Mage Finished!

This is the Ogre Mage I finished for my list.  She looks very attractive with her make-up on!
Reaper or Ral Partha Ogre Mage! Converted onto molded base with extra GW bits.


Ironblaster being Assembled and Molds drying...
New Gnoblars x10
Well in December I played 2 games after the tournament in early December.  I have added a iroblaster and a unit of gnoblars.  I also posted some characters on but will put a big post here of the new stuff done up in December.  The BSB will be finished in January and the Ironblaster is still being assembled/molds being made.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Painting: 45 gnoblars to go!

Models in image may vary
This coming week i have finished my online class and have until Jan 9, 2012. = More time at night to paint! So the goal will be to get a good sized block of gnoblars painted up.  They are already primed and i just have to commit to paint the little mother buggers!  Hope everyone has a good christmas and new year!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ogre Update

After many debates and thoughts I actually picked up the IB/SL kit at the december tournament in Springfield, IL.  I have ravaged the forums for info, tips and tricks.  Waited until the FAQ came out and neutered my poor Ironblaster....sigh.  However, I want to take a different approach then my dear and very admired friend / fellow ToFG gamer Ryan.  So I have chosen to got he route of Ironblaster.  I have even used it in one game, proxied of course, to try and gauge how well it will work.

Found a couple bits to convert it with since I like conversions: 

ebayed so I can use different wheels

ebaying also to use wheels and pistons from the STANK.  I won't be using the small cannon lol

In my first game versus Bretonnians using the Ironblaster we only did 3 turns, however in those turns I did manage to kill 5 knights and a trebuchet.  i will say the reroll ability to ensure maximum distance is a big plus.  We will be testing it out before adding it to the January lists.  Additionally bits for the Blaster won't be in until christmas so while I have the Kit assembled in pieces I won't be posting anything until its together.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec. Tournament

Headed to for a tournament.  2,000pts warhammer fantasy 3 round.  Now not a traditional tournament this is going to be an event for the local food pantry. My list

Slaughtermaster, lvl 4, +Hw, Hellheart
BSB, heavy armor, ironfist
crown of command, brace of pistols
10 ogres full command, +HW
8 Ironguts, Full Command, dragonhide banner
6 leadbelchers musician
3 maneaters brace of pistols, standard, Eternal Flame Banner, sniper/poison
3 mournfangs naked, iron fist and musician

2 sabretusks cats

Hopefully pics and battle reports soon!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heavy Metal Ogre Mage

Reaper Heavy Metal Ogre Mage Female

Got my miniature in Saturday, going to cut off the choppa and add an ogre club.  Also got some livestock to add to the belt.  The staff I am going to paint up like burning fire wood hopefully useful for a fire-belly mage or regular caster, and she is heavy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

60 Gnoblars - Horde!

Gnoblars are being built now.  The movement tray is a cut out piece of foam with a metal bottom.  60 in this unit basically to hold up a flank as long as possible.  It worked for 3 rounds against empire last night but these guys can be untilized by having units charge into them and having them take dangerous terrain test and then standing and shooting.  I would love to have 1001 gnoblars!  But that won't happen

Battlemaster Ogres

Battle Master Ogres 92' Mounted on mountain bases!

Rear Picture of the one on the left

Ogres vs. Empire MSU 2k

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 Initial Setup - Empire MSU versus a typical Ogre army 2k each side.  The multiple units that one would face against, me, is problem matic because I can't panic flagellants/greatswordsmen very well and i don't have enough shooting to completely
wipe out a unit.

Turn 2 I move up but don't charge I hold my charge in turn 3 because the countercharge is 2 units of 14 flaggelants.  1 unit on there own later does 7 wounds in 1 combat.
Now multiple combats are going on, a flagellant unit charges the bulls and I hold with double 1's the Slaughter Master dies in the 2nd round of combat.  The Ironguts live and kill off the unit later to be charged by the knights in blue behind them
The knights have charged and my maneaters try to charge and add support unfortunetly their gut charge killed the 1 remaining knight they were in combat with so I lost the charge bonus and 10 attacks.  Later the Halberdiers beat the bulls in combat and then he caught them.  Steve did win by the end by 300+ points.      I needed to have better placement with my Mournfang cav.  I think they can take a good hit from flaggelants but not potentially 2 units.  Maneaters that scout would of been nice too.