Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ogres vs. Empire MSU 2k

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 Initial Setup - Empire MSU versus a typical Ogre army 2k each side.  The multiple units that one would face against, me, is problem matic because I can't panic flagellants/greatswordsmen very well and i don't have enough shooting to completely
wipe out a unit.

Turn 2 I move up but don't charge I hold my charge in turn 3 because the countercharge is 2 units of 14 flaggelants.  1 unit on there own later does 7 wounds in 1 combat.
Now multiple combats are going on, a flagellant unit charges the bulls and I hold with double 1's the Slaughter Master dies in the 2nd round of combat.  The Ironguts live and kill off the unit later to be charged by the knights in blue behind them
The knights have charged and my maneaters try to charge and add support unfortunetly their gut charge killed the 1 remaining knight they were in combat with so I lost the charge bonus and 10 attacks.  Later the Halberdiers beat the bulls in combat and then he caught them.  Steve did win by the end by 300+ points.      I needed to have better placement with my Mournfang cav.  I think they can take a good hit from flaggelants but not potentially 2 units.  Maneaters that scout would of been nice too.

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