Monday, April 28, 2014

Half-Humans: The Halfling Archers

Half Humans: The Halfling Archers

The models as described before have been taken from the Dogs of War set The Fighting Cocks from the early to late 1990s.  They are a mix of GW models that tie in a common archer theme.  The Ogre in the middle ranks acts as a unit filler painted to match in the same way and is the Ogre BodyGuard from the mid 1990s game Mordheim.  A custom banner must still be added to the Standard Bearer and more Archer bits will be added once a few more units have been completed.

My Fighting Cocks painted up Green!

Mordheim bodyogre Added to the Center!

Angled view of my 31 Fighting cock Archers with BullyOgre
The custom banner is added here next to the ogre. some eggs added to it with some bretonnian shields matching the colors of the unit.  Next some shields with checkered patterns that will be added to the unit.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

AdeptiCon 2014 Warhammer Fantasy TT: Bad Dice Coverage

I get to be on Bad Dice! 5:42 minutes in we got kicked out of the runnings in the first round of the Team Tournament at adepticon! Had a lot of fun though and kicked it the next 2 games!

Half-Humans: The Halfling Army Sword and Board

Half-Human: Sword and Board Battle Forge Halflings


This is a unit of 24 sword and board halflings with a hand painted banner.  All details are finished up with eyes, custom banner, and countless layers on all leather, blue, and steel.  My usual raised bases as well.  Going to be adding some details to the bases if I can like skulls and weapons strewn about.

This is my unit of 24 battleforge Sword and Board halflings

Angled view

Hand crafted nest egg on the front of the banner!
Back view has a hand painted chicken

Back view close up.

Getting these bad boys together was tough all bases had to be altered since they weren't slotta bases, ended up tooling them, then pinning them.  Lots of washing and layering.  More to come with the Halflings I just have to organize some colors, be prepared to see them at Blood in the Sun 2014.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Best painted GMM Studios: Rise of the Worm King!

Rise of the Worm king Display Fantasy Champs 6.5' tall on antique chair.

This army won I think best painted and best display during the two day GT at Adepticon.  Done by GMM Studios out of Indiana.  A great piece of work with multiple conversions, hand painted banners, and a custom castle standing 6.5' tall.  Additionally, a full scale skeleton built into the Mountain side.  Truly brings up the standard for 2015, what will come next?!  Things that I caught wind of was that this at least took 1-2 months of continuous work away from Brandon's commissions.  He drew inspiration from Old Art and New Art.  So never let anything pass you by and always use your imagination.

Angled view of army.
One of the Characters riding atop his perch
Large Green Dragon
The poem and Background of the army

Hand painted banner, very nice.
The army walking out from the gates of the castle

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Big Brawl Featured Armies!

The 3,000 point Warhammer fantasy tournament at Adepticon, some featured armies I thought needed to be posted and shared.  Enjoy.
Army,Slannesh DoC, done by John Onto, Board by ODT Gaming!

Dark Elves, lots of fast cav.

A Friends Orc and Goblin Army, basing doesn't match but lots of spiders

Christmas themed Demon Army

Chaos Dwarfs! nice colors

Grant Feters Red Ogre Kingdoms, been beaten once by this at least

Another Chaos Dwarf Army, I loved the red tower, everything was outlined in RED.

Striking Orc and Goblin Army!

Loved the Dragon in this WoC army.

Closeup of the Dragon!

Skaven that looked cohesive.

Orange Giant pulled off in a Beastmen army!

Beastmen Herde watch out, brights on!

This Army was by Ryan Boaz great color. Big Brawl overall results

Monday, April 14, 2014

Adepticon 'Featured' painted armies 1,000k PM Tournament

Mark Wildman's, Bad Dice, Orcs and Goblins won Judges Choice(I believe), Great Paint Job!

This Tournament was a 28 player event, originally with 40 scheduled.  An 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy event, played Thursday night until about 10 pm. 

Whew! My New Board And Redone O&G army won Best Display(Players Choice I think) sweat and tears boyz.

Warriors of Chaos, nice levitating display board

Close-up of Units.

Empire Army with sweat display

Cannon away!

Another Empire!

Another Empire geez!

Again, another good empire! Overall PM HYUI Results

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Team Tournament 2k Featured Armies

Adepticon 2014 Team Tournament Featured painted armies.  This Event was Friday and there were 120 teams at the event, maybe 122.  Lots of fun was had and shenanigans during games.  GMM Studios attended with their ship and this army below, great boards and armies.

This HE and Dwarf army won Best Display or Theme, Great 4' wide board! Water Effects and freehand backdrop.

The Marienburger from GMM Studios Strikes again!  Winning another Paint Award at the TT.

A Close-up of the Sinking Ship.
Orcs and Goblins and Skaven, Worship the Stones.

Lizardmen and Orcs and Goblins!

Chaos consume us!

Another Lizardmen army!

Lizardmen and another, nice display.

High Elves and Lizardmen!

Brets and Wood Elves, Great Freehand backdrop

Great colors, Chaos and Orcs and Goblins

The Halflings and Dwarfs - cock Style... Yes Those are Roosters on the right, and Pony Cavalry.

Found a nicely painted army in the corner, it just needed a picture.