Monday, October 27, 2014

Capital City Games Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

CCGS Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

 3,000 pts of Fantasy fun with special characters and WPS(Swedish) Comp
Some of the 3k painted armies from CCGS a single day tournament in Springfield, Illinois, USA.  we had 2 Dwarfs, 2 High Elves, 1 Warrior of Chaos, 1 Wood Elf, 1 Beastmen, and 1 Brettonian player.  Players traveled from around the State from South Chicago to St. Louis.

Dave King's Dwarven Throng - Best Painted!

Tom McClure's Beastmen - Best Sports

Jeff Tupper's High Elves

My Warriors of Chaos

Joe Flesch's Dwarfs

Capital City Games Tournament Report

Tournament Report CCGS 3k Single day 3 round
Won Best overall at this event and had a great time.  The large Monsters are converted from McCfarlene monsters.  I went 2-1 against 3 fun opponents!
Playing Tom McClure's Beastmen in Battleline

Turn 3 after my lord has died from a simple combo charge.  Ended up winning by beating 2 units steadfast rolls.  The BSB in the forest was out of range after killing the Slaughterbrute.

Fought Josh's Bretonnians and it took 6 rounds of combat to kill one Hero on Horse.  My BSB ended up beating him in combat only doing 1 wound.  This was Battle for the Pass and had first turn combat.

Played corner deployment versus wood elves. and got first turn, whew.  I marched everything up and tried to charge, but had failed panic check everywhere and my slaughterbrute got killed by sisters of the thorn....turn 1.

Late in the game a lot of units were dead.  I had his Sisters Dragon pinned and charged.  Orion was attacking chaos warriors and I panicked the Sisters of the thorn off the table. 

Had Orion in combat and stayed with it the end of the game.

My unkillable lord finally ran the sisters dragon off the table making the game a tie!

Commission Display Board 2014

Bretonnian Display Board
This display board is built for a large bretonnian army locally in central Illinois.  The board itself is made of 4'' of polystyrene and a 1/4'' plywood base.  The outside edges are pine board with nails, screws, and glue holding them in so that it can take a beating.  The Backdrop tower is made from casted train brick, GW tower pieces, polystyrene core, and wood liner.  Step by step construction is below. 
Wood glue is used in each step of construction, overnight drying and weights are used at every step.

Mounted on a 24''x24''x4'' sized display board the display is designed to house up to 5 larger knight units for 3,000 points.  The center recessed corner will house the castle section.  Made up of 3.5'' deep 5'' tall castle segments.  The back corner will be home to a GW tower overlooking the castle sections.  A moat is then cut into the castle section.  As of now the Castle sections are being glued onto a removable wood sheet for easier transportation.

The cobblestone is cut from

Water is melted from hobbylobby to a little under boiling and then poored in over the river.  Remember that polystyrene melts so have layers of plaster over the polystyrene.

This is my typical grey stone and wooden paint scheme

The edging is from hobbylobby, tacked together, and predrilled screws along with glue.

two small huts are added on the castle innerwall

The water is painted dark blue and then clear water is heated and added.

The water is then painted with a little white on top where it rushes past rocks