Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Offensive Today

Well went on Vacation recently and got then fed into the shark tank as one of my fellow gamers neutered me at 1,000 pts. We played Blood and glory but with consistent shooting and magic the High elves actually took down my Hero general turn 3. I crumbled by turn 4 and shook the guys hand. VC are not very stable at 1k. Personnally you can't get all the tools you need with them and main units are way to small. Though Brandon only had 2 bolt throwers, a level 2, and 2 archer units, with a scouting unit as well it was enough to erase 3 unit of chaff in the first few turns only allowing me one dire wolf unit to charge, in the flank. My Terrorgeist was out of screem range because he deployed far enough back. So unfortunetly I have decided to change my list for Acon for the friday 1k lists. Other than that we have also been working on the TT list and finished the last movement tray. I'll have pics this month. Lastely, the bloomington crew is heading to East Peoria today to try out 2200 pt lists and play 3 games at the local convention, Washington's 'Game Room' is sponsoring it and we should be heading there is we get prizes. We will be bringing Lizardmen, Vampire Counts, and Ogre Kingdoms. Pics and reports to come. Have a great spring and hope to see everyone at Adepticon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ogres Update and Practice Games

Well its the Middle of march. I have been up to some things these past 2 weeks and steadily playtesting team tournament games. I finished painting and molding the last part of my cobblestone 40mm bases so that all of my units have matching scenic bases. This brings the army a little further out asthetically and brightens up the bases. Secondly, I purchased some new space wolfs: wolf packs in their new box of 5 - 1 week ago. My goal with them is to have them for sabretusks. They are big enough and look better than chaos warhounds from 6th edition. My new side project(because we all have one) is going to be Dwarfs. However, I am trying to go for a marauder style army from late 88'-93'. The biggest challenge I am faced with is acquiring models. I need good trades or sales and all of these figs are OOP. So the challenge will begin. The concept will be a special deployment army(well we'll see how far it goes before I cave and make a min/maxed list :). I have had a couple games recently. After the CCGS tournament and running 1-2 I played Stevo in Blood and Glory and took a win versus his Empire. I also played another local Brando against an experimental VC list that was very fast and another win there in Dawn Attack. Another game I played was a battleline team game versus Brando and Aarono which was another win for Steve and I(I think this one may have been before CCGS's tourny). And Just last night played Aarono's Lizards and got a lucky win - BR to follow. So a Lucky streak but we'll see if it pans through.