Monday, August 27, 2012

Warhammer Forge Daemonsmiths

Picked up these from my boy Kevin F. and now we are putting some together. We got all that we need now for the HellFire Dwarfs! Currently we are up for Skulling out the MFers and will end up priming them this week. I already have bases for them and plan on taking all level 1 daemonsmiths with potentially a level 2 metal. We'll see how it all goes and play all 3 of them at the 2,000 point level, potentially no lord.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Armies of Waste Wars 9

Some of the armies and pictures from the tournament at Gryfalia's Aerie! Enjoy. Brando P. our Favorite TO so Far! Hard at Work Obviously!
Best Painted - James Hyde Wood Elves
Chris B. - Skaven
Chuck Jiardina - Tamurkhan Chaos Dwarfs - Best Overall
Kevin Fleming - Orcs and Goblins
Joe Flesch - Empire
Ryan Goleman - Ogre Kingdoms - Best General
Chris Putrich - Skaven
Ryan Lamantia - Skaven Best Sportsmanship
Tim Cornstubble - High Elves
Tonya Scheibe - Vampire Counts
Joe Schimd - Skaven!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waaagh Aerie Series Tournament Event 9 Finals!

WASTE Wars: Waaagh Aerie Tournament Series Event 9 Presents: 1600pt WHFT. Hosts: Gryfalias Aerie Rankings HQ WaaaghCast Blog! 309 N. Main Street Bloomington, IL 61704 Sponsors: Gryfalia's Aerie, Waaaghcast BlogCast With our tournament wrapped up we did log in 12 players from around Illinois. From Chicagoland to Springfield and Peoria to Bloomington. Ended up the day with 4 top prizes and 4 door prizes and done by 5:30pm. The top four are round out below along with some pictures at the end of the day: Best Overall - Chuck Jiardina Chaos Dwarfs Tamurkhan, Best General - Ryan Goleman Ogre Kingdoms, Best Painted - James Hyde Wood Elfs, and Ryan Lamantia - Skaven. Thanks to everyone who made the drive and Gryfalias Aerie for local store support! And Thank you to Brandon Prouty for being our Official TO! Awards!
Best Sports!
Best Painted!
Ryan Goleman was to quick and I couldn't get a picture!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Progress

Posting some progress on my Chaos dwarfs. I had to alter the Hellcannon a little and pre built it for Magma Cannon use. I did use a different color combination for the blue but that will bring out good color for the entire army. More pics to come!
The next image is a rear picture of the Cannon with the add on of a rear plate for crew members to stand on. On the side is that start of the Avatars of War Chaos Dwarf Lord. He is base coated and while this is an older picture some finished highlights still need to be taken.
Some work on a display board had to be done, however I am still trying to figure out a layout for the units.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chaos Dwarf War Machines

Death Shriekers and Earth Shaker Cannons. A couple views of other Warmachines.
UPDATE: new movement trays have been completed for the entire 1600pts taken and the army is even ready for 2000pt tournaments as well. More photos soon but more; however, paint is drying. Enjoy the war machines! Additionally, both daemonshiths have been converted and new bases painted for them as well.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

HieroTitan Finished!

HieroTitan Done.
After fully converting this from bits and greenstuffing up the gaps and making a kilt the hierotitan is finished. Several areas had to be pinned just because the model is a mish-mash of bits from the TK sphinx box set. The base is about 50x75 and has some casted cobblestone in the front. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tomb kings: Hierotitan

Some progress on my bits-assembled Hierotitan that took about a week to do. He is on a scenic base with some cobblestone and hill at his feet. The bits all from a sphinx box set and this model is done for a commission. The skirt was greenstuffed and we used white primer.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chaos Dwarfs: Gnoblars as Hobogoblins.

Well One of my more recent units finished is a group of Gnoblars that I plan on using as goblinoids in various armies. They did serve as Gnoblars but will be used as Hobgoblins in my Chaos dwarf army. Most models are kit bashed with goblin heads, empire shields, and warrior of chaos bits. The bases are again hand made from cork and wood.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Movement trays still have to be done, but bases are hand made in the same way and lots of time, to much time put into these little guys. enjoy....please leave comments if you want. The standard bearer is pipped to have a Black Orc Metal top, the mouth of a hellcannon, and a Chaos regimental banner top. The champion is being carried on a platform from the earthshaker.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Closet Cleanout! Lizardmen

1 metal slann with saurus carriers 1 stegadon metal 1 metal saurus hero primed new 38 skinks with std. plastic (are these the skinks with jav and shield) 21 saurus with champion plastic ( old or new) 1 salamander wtih 3 crew metal (old or new) 7 lizard swarms metal 5 cold one saurus riders primed white (which cold ones are these) 3 metal kroxigors not painted(old or new) 4 painted kroxigors, resin 2 non painted kroxigors resin (missing tail)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon

Well here it is, Iron Daemon with converted casted hellcannon wheels, thanks instacast. Chaos Dwarf in Charge on top. Rehighlighted Ironblaster, that was used with Ogre Kingdoms, and put into play for a new army. The movement tray is chariot sized, but hand made from balsa wood, cork, and several types of static grass and moss. Still Under Consideration are more parts and bits to help tie more of a theme in on the tank; however, thats for the future and this is now.