Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waaagh Aerie Series Tournament Event 9 Finals!

WASTE Wars: Waaagh Aerie Tournament Series Event 9 Presents: 1600pt WHFT. Hosts: Gryfalias Aerie Rankings HQ WaaaghCast Blog! 309 N. Main Street Bloomington, IL 61704 Sponsors: Gryfalia's Aerie, Waaaghcast BlogCast With our tournament wrapped up we did log in 12 players from around Illinois. From Chicagoland to Springfield and Peoria to Bloomington. Ended up the day with 4 top prizes and 4 door prizes and done by 5:30pm. The top four are round out below along with some pictures at the end of the day: Best Overall - Chuck Jiardina Chaos Dwarfs Tamurkhan, Best General - Ryan Goleman Ogre Kingdoms, Best Painted - James Hyde Wood Elfs, and Ryan Lamantia - Skaven. Thanks to everyone who made the drive and Gryfalias Aerie for local store support! And Thank you to Brandon Prouty for being our Official TO! Awards!
Best Sports!
Best Painted!
Ryan Goleman was to quick and I couldn't get a picture!

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