Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CCGS tournament Nice Job Guys!

Some other locals playing their game next to me

Some guy on his break, he got a round 2 bye and harrassed me

The red shirt won the whole thing by only a few points...

DE vs VC and the DE player looks like he is doing ok, VC maybe a little trouble

NM, VC in a pickle, this has to have a story to it...

Brets in Action!

Game 3 versus some Orcs and Goblins

If lances don't overlance the opponent they are SOL

Game 2 versus Jim's DoC heavy sided deployment, the way brets have to do it.

Another Game!

Game one 1500pt tournament against Joe (O&G), back and forth game but minor loss. Damn Waaagh Spell, as you can see his trolls in the middle area surged forward way too early

Friday, May 14, 2010

Objective Totem! 2010

any good, what do you think? its an armor cast piece!

DoW Ogres! Painting Competition

Gutplates on, everything is magnetized!

Ogres/Orcs on foot with towers as backdrop.

Single view of Ogres on foot, 25mmx25mm notice gutplate

Another Frontal View of the Ogre Unit.

Angled view of the 4 ogres.

Frontal View of DoW, converted to be Zombie Orc Ogres

MWR Updates 2! VC

Angled View of MWR Army: vampire counts

Full view MWR ARmy on Board!

Monday, April 26, 2010

MWR Updates! Not Bretonnians.

DoW Ogres! They scream into battle on their Battle Wagons!

Bat Swarms and new Fell Bats Fly into Battle! Bases Full of Packed Pecking Heat!


Monday, April 19, 2010

More space Wolf Knights with Axes

This is the last picture for the Space Wolf Knights: Regular legs were used but all Torso bits are 40k, Heads were specifically used to closely resemble non 40k themes, and axes were utilized to try and maintain a fantasy parallel. All efforts to green stuff tubes and wires will be used, but unfortunately VC are getting vamped back up for Midwest rampage in 1 month So go to www.waaaghcast.net and go to the show forums to get updated on other projects outside of the Brets(which are going to be shelved for a bit)

Team tournament Adepticon and Space Wolf Knights too

Yes these are Space Wolf Converted Bretonnian Questing Knights, or whatever I dang well WANT Enjoy people

Another view, maybe more to come


Team Tournament Round 1 against a DE and Chaos Troll WOC list Much Fun we won

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bret Yeomen

Bret Yeomen without Insignia

Angled Views



Head on View


Remember now dipping all highlighting and various washing!
My Forresting Bret. Bowmen....More bowmen to come I would like 4 regiments of 10 for a 2,000 point army


2nd view, side

Rear view of the Treb and Crew. The Lamb now has a Fluer De Li on it, where the white sheet is to match the Treb....but its now pictured yet.

Trebuchet Crewman

Trebuchet and Crewmen

2nd photo of Treb


3rd Photo

Brets Updated

This Photo of the Crew are in the finished stages