Sunday, January 29, 2012

Army of the Month! Waaaghcast's Skaven! 2012 Acon

Just thought I would throw a picture up of my friends Skaven.  These are going to be played at Adepticon 1,000pt fantasy tournament on Friday.  He is also bringing his dwarfs for the other tournament that day.  I really like his clean look he has kept a very consistent paint job throughout the entire army, and his basing technique is simple and doesn't take away from the miniature its a very clean cobblestone paint job!  Good job Joe!
The Flesch of Skaven

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ogres Vs. Skaven 2200

Turn 1 after my move, he has slaves, doomwheel, slaves, PlaugeFurnace, clanrats and move slats.  2 Cannons in the back

After first turn the Bulls went through his horde of clanrats, and we called it at turn 3
This was a continuous fight as the kitty cats stare down the rats, they just want to play!
Well we finally won one after being dry the last 3 games.  Played battle-line and used adepticon type lists.  I had the misfortune of having his storm-banner on me for the first 2 rounds of the game though enough firepower to destroy his Plague Furnace on turn 2.  My Ogre bulls charged his clanrats turn 2 because he moved very close allowing me to charge, break them, and run through.  The sabre-tusks held up units where they needed to and other units delayed what i needed.  I think that after he played Ogres for the first time he would be better the second shooting and getting rid of the cats first and focusing both Laser Cannons on the big block of Ogre Bulls.  His Storm-banner didn't allow him to fire one turn also so thats a gabble.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bretonnian Knight on Scibor Base

Right sided picture with keg on back
 Well found a character knight from about a year and a half ago and thought about throwing some paint on him.  Some details are yet to be done like gold highlights and static grass but you get the gist of it, I just wanted a break from all the Ogres and Terrain.
Galloping into battle on high resin Scibor Miniature Base

Midwest Rampage Battle Board 2012

Well this is the start of my 2012 board for midwest rampage.  It is going to be in peoria, il this year come May.  The board is part of a table terrain contest with multiple entries.  The basic layout is 2 3x4 foot pieces, which may be hard to transport, but they are cut using a styrofoam hot knife and then layered with several shades of house paint.  The basic is black and worked up to light grey.  I did try my best to match it to chaos black and fortress grey.  Some terrain is added to spice up the pics. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waaagh Aerie VI: The Aftermath

Waaagh Aeries VI: The Aftermath

The results from Waaagh Aeries VI were...

Best Overall: Paul Vinton(DE)
2nd Overall: Jake Murphy (Brets)

Best General: Tim Waeyaert(DE)
2nd Best General: Steve G. (WE)

Best Painted: Andrew Karolus(TK)
2nd Best Painted: John Gaszak (DoW)

Best Sportsmanship: Kevin Fleming (Dwarfs)
2nd Brandon Prouty (Lizardmen)

Name/Army/Painting Rank/Battle Rank/Overall Rank
John Gaszak DoW 2 7 4
Kevin Fleming Dwarfs 5 10 9
Cody Svientek Dwarfs 10 4 8
Andrew Karolus Tomb Kings 1 6 6
Paul Vinton Dark Elves 4 2 1
Steve Grunswold Wood Elves 7 5 5
Aaron Lacey Beastmen 11 12 12
Brandon Prouty Lizardmen 8 11 11
Jake Murphy Bretonnians 3 3 3
Tim Waeyaert Dark Elves 6 1 2
Chris Walker VC 9 8 10
Chuck Jiardina Ogres 9 7

Thanks to Equinox for the post!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ogre BSB! Epic!

Ogre BSB with Epic Ogre Totem!
With Horns, War Trophies, and a Gnoblar Regiment they stand ready to fight!
Well after much work and a lot of conversion I though I would throw up my Ogre BSB.  There are several kit bashes within the model, shields from 5 warhammer races, new and old ogre bits and pieces.  The base is both a resin molded cobblestone 40mm and has custom cut foam above it.  With this model I wanted to go for a classic throwback with the standard and new horns from the Ironblaster kit.  The Ogre is also from the Ironblaster kit along with the horns on his gutplate! Please enjoy and comment.

Vampire Counts playtest 2012

Well as it says, its crazy.  I did test out a 1k list and took a level 2 necromancer, bsb, 30 ghouls with ghast, 40 zombies fc, 2 units of 5 dogs, and 2x2 bat swarms.  I played against Bretonnians who of course got all their charges off.  She took a level 4 life, errantsx9, realm x9, and 4 grail knights, BSB.  Tough list and I probly should have taken something tougher but I didn't really know what I was walking into, kinda just a league night.

Nevertheless, a couple points, since I lost, IoN is a signature spell and must be taken by multiple mages since it cannot be recast by the same mage(only cast it 1/4 turns and that spell needs to get off every turn, I think the next list will see multiple level 1's).  Corpse cart with lodestone is a great combination since it both lets you reroll the d6 summoned models and grants ASF.  Bat swarms are great for countercharging because they can grant ASL and this  combined with any of our troops gets rerolls..  Aura of Dark Majesty would have been nice almost guaranteeing failed leadership tests and potentially combined with screaming banner on a BSB.

I have heard from various players that Skeletons are still overpriced and If you take ghouls you may as well pay one more point for grave guard.  I think infantry troop choice can vary but big units of zombies are still good tarpits...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dual IronBlaster!


Ogres getting Beat!

So I played a game versus a friend recently.  It was 2200 pts getting ready for a local event.  The first time in December I beat the guy and still had fun.  The second time I got beat and had more fun.  He has since learned to get off key spells like the Toughness spell in Lore of Life making Men at arms very effective.  I bounced two units of his M@A unit in the most recent game giving him to to swing a lance around and gain an edge on a flank.  I took my standard list up to this point - Lvl4 SM, BSB, 12 Bulls +HW and FC, 5 Ironguts, 3 Sabretusks, 10 gnoblars, 6 LB, 2x2 Mounted Cats, and an ironblaster.

Ryan the Bret player took 2x11 knights of the realm, 1x11 grail knights, 2x25 men at arms, and a fighty character for each lance.  Then a level 4 and a level 2 to get the complete set of lore of life.  We played dawn attack and Ryan had enough turns and high enough movement to out maneuver me.... sigh...

This picture was his grail unit smashing through my bulls on turn 4 causing 10 wounds without any characters swinging.  That unit needed to go away turn 1.  And the Men At arms went through a 1 unit of Thundercats and 5 ironguts with the boosted toughness spell I counldn't stop...
Turn 4 ugh...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tale of Four Gamers Update

Updating Everyone with my list for January.  I am now pumping it up to 2,000 points.

Total Roster Cost: 1994

      1 Biting Blade
      1 Charmed Shield
      1 Greedy Fist
      1 Enchanted Shield
      1 The Other Trickster's Shard
Ogres (12#, 407 pts)
   11 Ogres FC +HW, LA
6 Leadbelchers, musician
1 Sabretusks, 21 pts x3
3 Maneaters, bellower, standard, brace of pistols, light armor
      1 Banner of Eternal Flame
2 Ogre Mournfang Cavalry, bellower, heavy armor, ironfist
2 Ogre Mournfang Cavalry ironfist, standard, heavy armor
5 Ironguts, 235 pts = 5 * 43 (base cost 43) + Bellower Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
10 Gnoblar, 35 pts musician

December 2011 vs. Steve's Empire.  Win for the Ogres.

This is a picture of a trial run with the ogres before I broke up the mournfang calvary into 2 units. I then upgraded the Leadbelchers to 6 and dropped a Ironbreaker to make room.  The large unit of Bulls houses the characters and varies its own formation to maximize attacks or ranks depending on the situation.  My Adepticon list will hopefully see a unit of Gnoblars addeda nd a Large Ironblaster cannon thats a WIP now.  Additionally I am putting the final touches on a large BSB with the Ogre from the IronBlaster Kit.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2010 8th Edition Summary

Well a long recap from when 8th edition first came out I thought I would throw up some old stats before my new ones.  The first 6 months of 2010 included a local campaign so I am not including it however it saw me play a DoC army over a dozen times until 8th Edition came out.

It was a slow start with only 21 games played.  I started with Orcs and Goblins with their 7th edition book and then progressed to Bretonnians and customizing an entire army with conversions and resin bases.  Overall I went 12-1-8 equating out to 21 games total. 57% Win, 5% tie, and a 38% Loss.

I suppose for 2011 I wanted to continue the Hobby not necessarily power-game and win a whole lot more because the stats are surprisingly similar.

2011 8th ed. Army Stats

Just a quick 3d graph of the Year.  It started with me finishing the Brets in WI at Waaapaca!  Then the slow development of The Orcs and Goblins into the fall.  Then Ogres I used as conversions made there way into a New Ogres Army and with the release of the book I ended up focusing on them into the Fall and Winter of 2011.  That Ogre Army is wrapping up at the beginning of 2012 and after that I don't know.  ReVamping the VC could be an option but I also have a Complete HE army that just needs basing and its ready for table top play.

My overall record in 2011 was 34-8-17 for a total of 58 games. Equating out to a 58% win, 13% Tie, and 29% Loss.

My Goal for 2012 is to simply attend 2 GT's(Adepticon and Midwest Rampage), Ardboyz, and as many single day Tournaments(like WaaaghAerie or Invasion of Kenosha 3) as possible. Happy New Year!