Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vampire Counts playtest 2012

Well as it says, its crazy.  I did test out a 1k list and took a level 2 necromancer, bsb, 30 ghouls with ghast, 40 zombies fc, 2 units of 5 dogs, and 2x2 bat swarms.  I played against Bretonnians who of course got all their charges off.  She took a level 4 life, errantsx9, realm x9, and 4 grail knights, BSB.  Tough list and I probly should have taken something tougher but I didn't really know what I was walking into, kinda just a league night.

Nevertheless, a couple points, since I lost, IoN is a signature spell and must be taken by multiple mages since it cannot be recast by the same mage(only cast it 1/4 turns and that spell needs to get off every turn, I think the next list will see multiple level 1's).  Corpse cart with lodestone is a great combination since it both lets you reroll the d6 summoned models and grants ASF.  Bat swarms are great for countercharging because they can grant ASL and this  combined with any of our troops gets rerolls..  Aura of Dark Majesty would have been nice almost guaranteeing failed leadership tests and potentially combined with screaming banner on a BSB.

I have heard from various players that Skeletons are still overpriced and If you take ghouls you may as well pay one more point for grave guard.  I think infantry troop choice can vary but big units of zombies are still good tarpits...

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