Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CCGS tournament Nice Job Guys!

Some other locals playing their game next to me

Some guy on his break, he got a round 2 bye and harrassed me

The red shirt won the whole thing by only a few points...

DE vs VC and the DE player looks like he is doing ok, VC maybe a little trouble

NM, VC in a pickle, this has to have a story to it...

Brets in Action!

Game 3 versus some Orcs and Goblins

If lances don't overlance the opponent they are SOL

Game 2 versus Jim's DoC heavy sided deployment, the way brets have to do it.

Another Game!

Game one 1500pt tournament against Joe (O&G), back and forth game but minor loss. Damn Waaagh Spell, as you can see his trolls in the middle area surged forward way too early