Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Board: Battle Board 2013

Well this is the final product of the battle board for MWR 2013.  It did run away with Best Table out of 7-8 entries.  I tried to go for a lava themed, dead strewn out look.  The forests are all charred with scorched grass throughout and the hills are elevated metal with lava underneath.  The mountain side keep embedded in the rock has a lava mote around it.  All in all I don't know how long the board took to make because the 2' by 2' sections are all small pieces of foam glued together however I would estimate 40-60 hours for everything.  It was worked on over several months in increments.
Overview of table and Best Terrain Table Award

The small blood pool is an Altar of Kaine

close up view of the keep and a forest

Midwest Rampage 2013

Just got back From midwest rampage 8 in Peoria Illinois.  Had 5 great game and 5 great opponents.  Lots of familiar faces and great armies showed up to hack it out.  Overall had a good time, wish I would of hung out more but being so close to adepticon I have to keep peace at home.  However, I did end up 3rd best overall, Grabbed best painted and Best table.  First round I fought, Josep Schmid, Skaven, 2nd Ray Lambert, Dark Elves, 3rd Chris Yu with High Elves, 4th Joe Gero, Warriors of Chaos, and 5th Grant Fetter, Ogre kingdoms. I will have to say that my shooting was a little above average for almost all the games, however my magic lingered several times I missed casting big spells because of low rolls and Blood Chalice helped out defensively more than it did offensively.   I ended up 4-1 losing my last game but a great record for an army that is underrepresented.

                            The two awards I did Receive Best Appearance and Best Terrain Table.  

The skaven force I fought against game 1.

Deployment game 1 Dawn Attack versus Skaven

Large central battle turn 3 game 1 big mess.
Game 1 came to a win because of a result on the Skaven's Screaming bell that forces a d6'' move for all units within 12''.  It allowed me to multi-charge and eventually kill enough points for a win.

Tower scenario versus High Elves, Chris Yu.

Same turn game 3 more intense everything is piled in the corner.
game 3 Came close but all this combat between Phoenix's, Dragon Prionces, Kdaii, and Bull centaurs didn't matter.  My shooting and fireballs destroyed units in the tower and I won with a lucky shot(magma cannoned a level 4) and won by 200 points.

Game 4 day 2 versus Warriors, Joe Gero, Battleline.

Later turn in the game the DP is the only fighter left who made it behind my ranks.

Game 4, day 2, versus Joe Gero a hard fought Battle Line Scenario that he had to make.  Losing both big Monsters was key to me saving my front line.  The DP ran around a building and eventually engaged my back ranks but I had killed enough with everything else to secure a win, luckily.

Game 5 versus Ogres, Grant Fetter, Blood and Glory
 Table 1 Game 5 was blood and glory versus grant fetter.  I originally thought about holding up the middle with my hobgoblins against his big block of ogres; however, I sent them to my right flank.  My destoyer didn't last as long as I thought it might have.  Additionally I lost magic dice and phases to poor casting and hellheart.  This was a good game but I didn't feel like it was up my ally with only 6 fortitude and my poor shooting/casting options.

Final scoring and plaque distribution, great event.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Armies of Rampage.

Here are a few armies featured from Midwest Rampage 8.  The first Dark Elf Army placed in the top 3 of the Best Painted one of my favorites. 
Jake Murphy's Dark Elves

Jake Murphy's Dark Elves

Robert Elmer's Nurgle Warriors

Alex Gonzolez's Warriors of Chaos

Joseph Schmid's Skaven

James's Wolf themed Slannesh Daemons

Grant Fetters Ogre Kingdoms

James Hyde's Lizardmen

Joe Gero's Warriors of Chaos

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Orcs and Goblins: Night Goblin Spearmen

These are some before and after pictures of NG spearmen I have spruced them up a bit.  Adding a new wash, touching up leather on their shoes and straps.  Additionally adding a 50% raised cork base for the back of the unit, and re-highlighting weapons after washing them black.  Furthermore, I also painted the underside of cloaks bone white, washed devlon mudd, and then rehighlighted again.  The last addition was more and brighter mushrooms which have tripled in the unit of 72(which was only 65 before).  Enjoy the final pictures below.
Old frontal pic
old Angled image   
New frontal pic not the best lighting

Angled frontal pic with better lighting

Other angle from the front with better lighting

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mushroom Madness

Mushrooms in the Garage.
Wanted to post this to in order to show the mushrooms for all my Goblins.  These are greenstuffed as you can see on the far left.  The center and right pile are already painted and completed.  The stems vary with copper wire used, straws, and paper clips.  The mushrooms also very with being triangular and flat(toadstools).  After priming I will work on the next batch of 35.  I have already painted 100+ for the army but more must be done.

Orcs and Goblins

These are some Night Goblins i have had and used for Adepticon.  The original unit of 40 only had standard GW bases and I have since worked on 42 more NGs with raised bases, 1/4 inch cork.  The cloaks are rehighlighted with more grey, love me some grey, and the red was added to the hood so the unit has some type of universal marking.  3 fanatics also fit into this scheme if they are needed.