Friday, May 24, 2013

Midwest Rampage 2013

Just got back From midwest rampage 8 in Peoria Illinois.  Had 5 great game and 5 great opponents.  Lots of familiar faces and great armies showed up to hack it out.  Overall had a good time, wish I would of hung out more but being so close to adepticon I have to keep peace at home.  However, I did end up 3rd best overall, Grabbed best painted and Best table.  First round I fought, Josep Schmid, Skaven, 2nd Ray Lambert, Dark Elves, 3rd Chris Yu with High Elves, 4th Joe Gero, Warriors of Chaos, and 5th Grant Fetter, Ogre kingdoms. I will have to say that my shooting was a little above average for almost all the games, however my magic lingered several times I missed casting big spells because of low rolls and Blood Chalice helped out defensively more than it did offensively.   I ended up 4-1 losing my last game but a great record for an army that is underrepresented.

                            The two awards I did Receive Best Appearance and Best Terrain Table.  

The skaven force I fought against game 1.

Deployment game 1 Dawn Attack versus Skaven

Large central battle turn 3 game 1 big mess.
Game 1 came to a win because of a result on the Skaven's Screaming bell that forces a d6'' move for all units within 12''.  It allowed me to multi-charge and eventually kill enough points for a win.

Tower scenario versus High Elves, Chris Yu.

Same turn game 3 more intense everything is piled in the corner.
game 3 Came close but all this combat between Phoenix's, Dragon Prionces, Kdaii, and Bull centaurs didn't matter.  My shooting and fireballs destroyed units in the tower and I won with a lucky shot(magma cannoned a level 4) and won by 200 points.

Game 4 day 2 versus Warriors, Joe Gero, Battleline.

Later turn in the game the DP is the only fighter left who made it behind my ranks.

Game 4, day 2, versus Joe Gero a hard fought Battle Line Scenario that he had to make.  Losing both big Monsters was key to me saving my front line.  The DP ran around a building and eventually engaged my back ranks but I had killed enough with everything else to secure a win, luckily.

Game 5 versus Ogres, Grant Fetter, Blood and Glory
 Table 1 Game 5 was blood and glory versus grant fetter.  I originally thought about holding up the middle with my hobgoblins against his big block of ogres; however, I sent them to my right flank.  My destoyer didn't last as long as I thought it might have.  Additionally I lost magic dice and phases to poor casting and hellheart.  This was a good game but I didn't feel like it was up my ally with only 6 fortitude and my poor shooting/casting options.

Final scoring and plaque distribution, great event.

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