Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Board: Battle Board 2013

Well this is the final product of the battle board for MWR 2013.  It did run away with Best Table out of 7-8 entries.  I tried to go for a lava themed, dead strewn out look.  The forests are all charred with scorched grass throughout and the hills are elevated metal with lava underneath.  The mountain side keep embedded in the rock has a lava mote around it.  All in all I don't know how long the board took to make because the 2' by 2' sections are all small pieces of foam glued together however I would estimate 40-60 hours for everything.  It was worked on over several months in increments.
Overview of table and Best Terrain Table Award

The small blood pool is an Altar of Kaine

close up view of the keep and a forest

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