Thursday, May 9, 2013

Orcs and Goblins: Night Goblin Spearmen

These are some before and after pictures of NG spearmen I have spruced them up a bit.  Adding a new wash, touching up leather on their shoes and straps.  Additionally adding a 50% raised cork base for the back of the unit, and re-highlighting weapons after washing them black.  Furthermore, I also painted the underside of cloaks bone white, washed devlon mudd, and then rehighlighted again.  The last addition was more and brighter mushrooms which have tripled in the unit of 72(which was only 65 before).  Enjoy the final pictures below.
Old frontal pic
old Angled image   
New frontal pic not the best lighting

Angled frontal pic with better lighting

Other angle from the front with better lighting

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