Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Italian Garden: Hever Castle England

The Italian Gardens at Hever Castle 
These gardens have many historical statues and carved stone features throughout the garden.  They were built in the early 1900s just a short walking distance from the Hever castle.  They have won many awards over the years and add to the richness of the area in England.  That is the wife walking in front of me, she may be in several pictures.
The walk downhill to the Gardens, size of several football fields

The images below are all pictures of the garden grounds.  A mix of arches and statues.

An open area in the middle of the garden

A crossview of a statue on the opposite side.

A hand dug lake on the end of the gardens

This is a 15' Fountain feeding into the lake through small channels

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hadleigh Castle England

Hadleigh Castle

Southeast England
Hadleigh Castle in the English county of Essex overlooks the Thames estuary from a ridge to the south of the town of Hadleigh. Built after 1215 during the reign of Henry III by Hubert de Burgh, the castle was surrounded by parkland and had an important economic, as well as defensive role. Hadleigh was significantly expanded by Edward III, who turned it into a grander property, designed to defend against potential French attack as well as provide the king with a convenient private residence close to London. Built on a geologically unstable hill of London clay, the castle has often been subject to subsidence; this, combined with the sale of its stonework in the 16th century has led to it now being ruined. The castle is now preserved by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building and scheduled monument 

Back View of the castle

Remnants of the front corner tower

Rear view of main corner tower

Melting area for lead when the castle was scrapped for its metal

front view of the main 2 towers

Main tower, angle 2

Inside of tower

Inside of larger tower

Inscriptions under on the under side, inside of the tower

More inscriptions, window 2

The Mrs.

larger tower, that's me.
John Constable - Hadleigh Castle, The Mouth of the Thames--Morning after a Stormy Night - 1829

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blood in the Sun IV 2014

Best Painted Blood in The Sun IV (4)
Blood in the Sun is a 2-Day, 5 Round Warhammer Fantasy Battles tournament, located in Lake County, IL just south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border. It's our hope that the Blood in the Sun tournament will draw WHF players—new and veteran—from the surrounding midwest area and beyond!
Johnny Hastings MinOgres! Won Best Appearance!  Congrats.

Some MournFang Chariots!

The Snorri Award(ODT Gaming) - Best Theme!  Go Chicken Halflings!

Our Cocked Dice Banner for The Club Tournament.

Chaos Dwarfs! In the Top 10 ARmies at BITS

Holy Hammer Herner his Skaven in the Top 10 Armies at BITS IV!

Big Conversions!

Another Large Conversion!