Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blood in the Sun IV 2014

Best Painted Blood in The Sun IV (4)
Blood in the Sun is a 2-Day, 5 Round Warhammer Fantasy Battles tournament, located in Lake County, IL just south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border. It's our hope that the Blood in the Sun tournament will draw WHF players—new and veteran—from the surrounding midwest area and beyond!
Johnny Hastings MinOgres! Won Best Appearance!  Congrats.

Some MournFang Chariots!

The Snorri Award(ODT Gaming) - Best Theme!  Go Chicken Halflings!

Our Cocked Dice Banner for The Club Tournament.

Chaos Dwarfs! In the Top 10 ARmies at BITS

Holy Hammer Herner his Skaven in the Top 10 Armies at BITS IV!

Big Conversions!

Another Large Conversion!

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