Monday, September 16, 2013

Regiment of Renown Tournament


Demonic Warrior Update!

Well we concluded our first Regiment of Renown Tournament and got our first taste of rules.  I am including into this my update for my Regiment: Demonic Warriors and a some tournament pictures.  In my new list I changed a couple things mainly turning my Nurgle warriors into Khorne warriors. We played 4 games in 3 hours and the first three went very fast.  The fourth game took about 45 minutes and was amusing.  We went 1 on 1 for three rounds and some games ended on turn 2 or 3 because of models being lost, being slaughtered, or panic checks failing when armies reached half models lost.  I do have to add that  the armies Leader was a very important battle.  The leader himself gained abilities every round after each game and also had 20 points in free magic items.  Needless to say when you add Strength, Initiative etc characters became tough.
Regiment before Priming
Finished regiment before Tournament

Joe's Orcs and Goblins his general was S 7 by game 3!

Brandon's VC his Crypt Horror General had impact hits to

Game 1 vs. Brandons' VC Win for me!

Joe's Orcs and Goblins Win for him

Kevins High Elves Win for me!

Free For All game 4 Joe takes the win with his broken Boar Boy Leader!

Trying to catch up to the fighting!(close up of the arch in the picture above)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Warriors Project: Chaos Sorcerer on Disc

Tzeench Sorcerer on Disc
This sorcerer was envisioned when I saw one of the mantle's from Storm of Magic.  It inspired me to convert the current disc rider I had into a monstrous disc rider.  Since bigger is better I went for it and got the terrain piece from  Added some 40k spikes, hull ship piece, and presto.  Also, the rider is heavily green stuffed with flames, a whip from a chariot rider, shield from a chaos knight, and Demon Prince spikes and head.
Parts before assembly and priming

Disc before Sorcerer Mounted

Finished rider, more blue highlights later down the road.
A bigger up front picture with better lighting

Armies of Invasion Kenosha V 2013

Top Painted Armies of IK5

Best Painted Award 'Domus Puer' - Wood Elfs
Top Painted - Stephen Herner's Wood Elves

Top Painted - ODT Gaming's Warriors of Chaos

Len S's Empire

Andew Kaolus's Wood Elves

Ben Cone's Tomb Kings

Kyle Franks Dark Elves

David Witeks Vampire Counts