Sunday, October 27, 2013

Orcs and Goblins: Squig Project

Squigs on the Horizon

A Large addition to my orcs and goblins with the add on of 44 squigs.  Now I am able to have a herd of 60 squigs and a lot more herders.  However, more herders are needed if they are ever divided into 2 units.  The new unit has raised cork bases and more layering then before.  Also they squigs are painted in 4 sets of 11 whereas my squigs before were all different colors, so a little more unique.
a large block of 44 Squigs
 My end goal is going to be making a whole army of squigs and I am well on my way there since I have manglers already done and all my core painted.  I don't think this will be that good of a performance army but squigs are nothing to sneeze at either.

All of my Squigs together with Giant Squigs