Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sat Morning Update! More lava Bases! etc.

Well I did end up creating more lava bases. My process is pretty straight forward. I glue an entire piece of peg board on a 4''x24'' piece of bass wood from Hobby Lobby. i then used a hacksaw to cut out several sets of 20mm, 40mm, 2 50mm, 1 chariot, and another 4''x6'' base. Now they have been coated with Elmers glue prior to priming, and more putty has been used for small bubbles. This 2nd set of bases should be the end of the lava bases and get me in gear for a upcoming August 25th Tournament! Here is a pick of the paints and couple new bases as WiP...sorry no finished products yet for the public. And spackled up some spiders for a gaming Friend! And my friend Joe and Ryan have treked up to BITS(blood in the sun) Wish i could go but we have my sons birthday party today! Good luck guys and hopefully some Tabling can be done and you kick some ass with Skaven and Ogre Kingdoms! Until next time!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Chaos Dwarf Bases!

More CD Bases in the first stage of being glued! hopefully we can cut it today! 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, chariot and 1 more 4x6. This should be more than enough because the large one alone is 4"x24" Whoot! Friday nights at gryfalias! 2500pts WoC vs. Liz. Obviously the chosen punched through the TG unit and Slann! I am pretty sure they packed after that... Warriors with double shrine can be tough... Also picked up a Deathkrell Tower More next time guys!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday update: More Chaos Dwarfs!

Well Moved on with the CD army. Saw several youtube videos about the painting of Lava and good transitions and colors that compliment the red theme on the base. I settled with, from start to finish, Scorched Brown, Red Gore, Blazing Orange, Golden Yellow, Skull White. Each of these layers are painted with a little water and then between each color is going to be a 50/50 mix of the same one, coming out to be 9 layers. The compliment color, on top, I plan on using fortress grey and then adding scorched grass in patches and other types of burnt foliage. This should give a good themed effect and the burnt grass compliment the scorched brown. The following image shows my cork bases, with sand, trainyard coal, and hand cut wooden bases. I then used sculpty puddy to role out bubbles for a boiling lava effect and primed the bases black. I then bought a Avatar of War Chaos Dwarf and plan to use him for at least a champion in my main unit. I do plan on holding completed images of this army under wraps. It has been in consistent development for over 6 months with only primed images shown, I hope everyone understands....the lava bases are done and look great.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Update.

Well been working on chaos dwarfs lately. Some prototype army ideas which include a standard CD warrior unit, 1 daemon-smith, 1 mortar, and at least 1 deathshreiker and Bull centaur unit. I have talked frequently with online advisors and found that taking at least 1 magma cannon is critical. So we'll see as the army develops as to how this is developed into the main them. Right now I am going over and over how to do basing to separate myself from the crowd of common lava basing. My first 1,000 point game saw alot of shooting and some fighting. Fireball was critical to take out chaff and war machines definitely softened up targets. I think right now that bull centaurs can definitely hold up in combat for a long time. This was all discovered in the first win for the CD vs. skaven. Also looking to trade some ogre stuff off for more dwarf stuff to help me with my projects later on in 2013. I think right now that CD will last me for the rest of 2012. The future may hold for the army converted magma cannon(s) and the converted ironblaster subbed in as a Iron Daemon but thats at 1600pts and I have not played it yet.