Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Update.

Well been working on chaos dwarfs lately. Some prototype army ideas which include a standard CD warrior unit, 1 daemon-smith, 1 mortar, and at least 1 deathshreiker and Bull centaur unit. I have talked frequently with online advisors and found that taking at least 1 magma cannon is critical. So we'll see as the army develops as to how this is developed into the main them. Right now I am going over and over how to do basing to separate myself from the crowd of common lava basing. My first 1,000 point game saw alot of shooting and some fighting. Fireball was critical to take out chaff and war machines definitely softened up targets. I think right now that bull centaurs can definitely hold up in combat for a long time. This was all discovered in the first win for the CD vs. skaven. Also looking to trade some ogre stuff off for more dwarf stuff to help me with my projects later on in 2013. I think right now that CD will last me for the rest of 2012. The future may hold for the army converted magma cannon(s) and the converted ironblaster subbed in as a Iron Daemon but thats at 1600pts and I have not played it yet.

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