Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday update: More Chaos Dwarfs!

Well Moved on with the CD army. Saw several youtube videos about the painting of Lava and good transitions and colors that compliment the red theme on the base. I settled with, from start to finish, Scorched Brown, Red Gore, Blazing Orange, Golden Yellow, Skull White. Each of these layers are painted with a little water and then between each color is going to be a 50/50 mix of the same one, coming out to be 9 layers. The compliment color, on top, I plan on using fortress grey and then adding scorched grass in patches and other types of burnt foliage. This should give a good themed effect and the burnt grass compliment the scorched brown. The following image shows my cork bases, with sand, trainyard coal, and hand cut wooden bases. I then used sculpty puddy to role out bubbles for a boiling lava effect and primed the bases black. I then bought a Avatar of War Chaos Dwarf and plan to use him for at least a champion in my main unit. I do plan on holding completed images of this army under wraps. It has been in consistent development for over 6 months with only primed images shown, I hope everyone understands....the lava bases are done and look great.

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