Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sat Morning Update! More lava Bases! etc.

Well I did end up creating more lava bases. My process is pretty straight forward. I glue an entire piece of peg board on a 4''x24'' piece of bass wood from Hobby Lobby. i then used a hacksaw to cut out several sets of 20mm, 40mm, 2 50mm, 1 chariot, and another 4''x6'' base. Now they have been coated with Elmers glue prior to priming, and more putty has been used for small bubbles. This 2nd set of bases should be the end of the lava bases and get me in gear for a upcoming August 25th Tournament! Here is a pick of the paints and couple new bases as WiP...sorry no finished products yet for the public. And spackled up some spiders for a gaming Friend! And my friend Joe and Ryan have treked up to BITS(blood in the sun) Wish i could go but we have my sons birthday party today! Good luck guys and hopefully some Tabling can be done and you kick some ass with Skaven and Ogre Kingdoms! Until next time!

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