Saturday, May 26, 2012

Best Table: MWR 2012

Thought that there should be some post committed to the best painted table at MWR. Although hard to find dice on if you rolled them in the middle the table does come in two 3x4 foot sections. Each of which have angled cuts and raised edges to help keep units and dice on the table. The center is cut for a battle for the pass scenario with a bridge in the middle. Each center is cutout to host either a fitable hill or a GW building. The last couple nights tried my best to poach up holes and put static grass in areas to bring out the grey...enjoy

Midwest Rampage 2012 Game 5

Well game 5 came down to the Evil Bretonnian list and Jake Murphy. If you remember he tooled me at Acon a month ago and I owe him dearly. We did the typical one sided deployment as he chilled and laid back. This game came down to the uber units in combat and was a B&G scenario. I failed on his counter charge to stay in combat with having lost by 2 and needing a leadership 6 to stay. Crown of command would have helped here but i swear he made 6+ saves versus my 20 irongut attacks and 2 characters who had 8 attacks... When the grail knights came in he only had 3 knights because I whittled them down from 9 with shooting the turn before. On the flank of the Grail Knights my mournfang would of countercharged or forced a flank but failed their strength test on a 6. The gorger even tried to hold up the grail knights but failed his rear charge on them rolling a 4, needing a 6. So i tried, but should have taken CoC for the hole tournament. Even Jake would say I had him responding to my moves and moving back....maybe next time...
The aftermath in his back table when his grail knights charged, I only killed 3 knights out of 10 wounds he made 7 saves.....stinking knights...
Great game 5 though Jake was my 12 and number 1 opponent through the weekend.

Game 4 Photos MWR 12'

Random Round 3 pictures I believe! Mr. Murphy and Mr. Goob.
Opponents behind us I think Skaven vs. Ogres.
Classic Lizardmen vs. Beastmen - Johnny won this and the whole tournament plus best painted army....his beastmen are second to none I have ever seen.

Midwest rampage 2012 game 4

Game 4 Sunday morning went to Jeremy Buch. His Dark Elf army seemed Top Tier with a black dragon, double hydra, and double black guard. All tough units. I couldn't let him charge me and so I proceeded to chill and shoot. The picture is turn 2 and when he started his hydra had 4 wounds and dragon had 2. He then proceeded to charge the dragon into the mournfangs and I killed the dragon. The tower of blood giving me hatred with 21 attacks didn't help either. Additionally my formation allowed me to bring a model up if he killed a fang so regardless the dragon was going to eat alot. I won combat and pursued. I then began flank charging unit after unit and swept his line. Without the general performing it wasn't pretty and he conceded turn 3. I suppose he wasn't having a good time by then but expected more from him.

Midwest Rampage 2012 Game 3

After winning 2 games, the second a struggle coming back from a double slann lizardmen list and my bsb, slaughtermaster, and ironguts getting purple sunned, I got to fight Greg D and his Epidemus Nurgle Daemons. This Tower Scenario proved to be a bad deployment for myself and I didn't have the crown of command in my Ironguts leading me to fail a break check and his large unit.

Midwest Rampage 2012

Well our midwest local 3000 point tournament took hold a weekend ago. Had a great time and an escalating game 5 with Jake Murphy. All in all had great opponents and only some instances of players not having things go their way. I know from personal experience that having bad dice and bad luck can lead to games that are not so fun. However, my game 1 went to Dave Kulis and his Avatar inspired wood elves. This lead to a win for the Ogres because of charges getting off and me deploying opposite his dragon. I tried to focus more on 1 Blue eternal guard unit and 2 treeman on the other flank which proved to lighten him up enough...Good game but he was definitely out of the play loop and hadn't gotten many games in over the past year.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Team tournament Adepticon 2012

Well Sunday of Adepticon Steve G and I played a good TT army. We eneded the day 2-1 and had a great time. I will link up his battle reports as soon as we can. Our Ogre list comprised of a Butcher, 7 bulls, 6 leadbelchers, 3 sabretusks, 19 gnoblars, and 1 ironblaster: while the Orcs consisted of a BSB and Hero General, 2 orc chariots, 9 boar boyz, 3 trolls, 34 Orcs boyz and 1 mangler squig. Our general strategy was to leave the sabretusks on the flank with chariots and gnoblers and focus the heavy hitters in the center. Generally this worked in games 1 and 2. However Game 3 went a little haywire with close combat going wrong, panic tests sending units everywhere, and a suicide forest killing everything when it enters!
Here is the List: Lvl 2 Ogre Shaman w/Ruby Ring and Dispel Scroll 6 Leadbelchers 3 Sabretusks 6 Ogre Bulls 18 Gnoblars (in case of Watchtower) Ironblaster Orc Boss on Boar Orc BSB 34 Orc Boyz w/HW & shield 9 Orc Boar Boyz (MAY have been the only unit of Boar Boyz I saw in 3 Days) 2 Orc Boar Chariots 3 Trolls Mangler Squig Battle 1 vs Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos Here is the List: Lvl 2 Ogre Shaman w/Ruby Ring and Dispel Scroll 6 Leadbelchers 3 Sabretusks 6 Ogre Bulls 18 Gnoblars (in case of Watchtower) Ironblaster Orc Boss on Boar Orc BSB 34 Orc Boyz w/HW & shield 9 Orc Boar Boyz (MAY have been the only unit of Boar Boyz I saw in 3 Days) 2 Orc Boar Chariots 3 Trolls Mangler Squig Battle 1 vs Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos Image Uploaded with Wargor General Bray-Shaman, lvl 1 2 Tuskgor Chariots 15 Bestigor Warriors 20 Gor Herd 3 Minotaurs Chaos Sorcerer lvl 2 (Fire) 25 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle 20 Chaos Marauders 5 Warhounds Hellcannon Deployment and 1st Chaos Turn: Image L to R: Boar Chariot (out of pic), Kitty, Trolls, Boar Boyz, Orc Boyz, Mangler, Kitty, Bulls w/Shaman, Leadbelchers, Orc Chariot and Kitty L to R: Warhounds (out of pic), Hellcannon, Gors, Chariot, Bestigor, Nurgle Warriors, Chariot, Maruaders, Minotaurs (WHEE, out on the flank, we can ignore them!). Chaos 1: Surges forward including the Hellcannon, magic dispelled. OrcOrges 1: Reposition a bit. Squiger moves out. Magic ineffective. Ironblaster hits Hellcannon, Chuck rolls a 1 to hit the cannon rather than crew, rolls 5 wounds and removes it. Thirty, yes 30! Leadbelcher shots at Nurgle Warriors, not a single hit (lame). Middle of turn 2: Image Uploaded with Chaos 2: Lands the Gors on Mangler, loses 7. IF Flame Cage on Orc Boyz, takes a wound on Sorc. OrcOgre2: Charge Bestigors with Ogre Bulls. Charge Gors w/Trolls, he flees. IF Stubborn on Bulls, 2 wounds to Ogre. Block the Chariot, Warriors and Minos with Kitties. Ogres win combat by 3, 7 ones to wound, runs down Bestigors. Chaos is so blocked up right now. Image Uploaded with Top of 3: Image Uploaded with Chaos 3: Gors fail Panic and bounce through Ogres. All the blocked units charge the Kitties. No magic. His Warriors overrun 11", almost out of charge angles, yikes! Bottom of 3: Image
Boar Boyz and Leadbelchers flank charge. Ironblast fails a 9" charge (Chuck rolled 2 1's, forgetting he had swiftstride, sigh). Orc Boyz wait just a bit. We get our assess kicked a bit but CR saves us, after combat pic. (killed the Sorc at least). Image
Top 4: Chariot flank charge Boars. Boars flee, Warriors turn to face Ogres. Bottom 4: Trolls flank Chariot, Orc Boyz flank Chaos Warriors. Image Battle 2!
2 Kitties (out of pic), Iron Blaster, Trolls, Chariot, Boar Boyz, Mangler, Orc Boyz, Leadbelchers, Ogre Bulls, Chariot, Gnoblers, Kitty Plan is to use the Cats out west to tie up his Chariot and threaten War Machines. Rest needs to scream across the board. Movement:
Turn 1 Highlights: OrcOgres advance except Boars who are Animoistied up. Ironblaster eliminates Cannon. Arrow Attraction on Leadbelchers, none die. Leadbelchers fire at Saphryed Swordmasters killing Zero (Notes said 13 shots, 2 Hits, 0 wounds, Chuck suxs). One wound from Cannon on Chariot before it dies. Turn 2: Turn 2 Highlights: Bulls charge Swordsmen w/Trollguts and Stubborn, Sabretusk charges Bolter (fail Fear). Ironblaster Misfires and Explodes (Chuck rolls lots of 1's, this is called foreshadowing, pay attention). Rest of Army advances, blocking Lion Chariot with Cat. Ogres win barely, rolls a steadfast 10 and flees off the board (this is why you don't deploy non-shooters on edge), Chuck reforms to face SM flank. Cat eats Bolt Thrower. Arrow Attraction on the Leadbelchers, down 3 after 2 turns of S3 Bowshots (see pic below). Greatswords advance towards the Orcs

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Extra Life: Team Cranky

Team Cranky Dear Friends and Family, I'm on a mission to save kids through table top war games, and I need your help. My local Children's Miracle Network Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few On Oct. 20th, 2012, I'll attempt to play an epic 24 hour game marathon and it's my sincere hope that you'll find it in your heart to support me with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to my hospital. Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids. Last year, Extra Life raised more than 1.2 million dollars to save kids, but in 2012 our goals, just like the needs of the kids we serve, are much, much higher. I can't do this without your help. Donating online is safe and easy! To make an online donation please click the "Support This Participant" button on this page. My hospital is OSF Children Hospital in Illinois
Thank you for caring for our kids!.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

VC vs. VC battle report

While testing out 3k lists for VC I wanted to try out hexwraiths. I ended up taking a VC lord lvl 4, 2 lvl Necros. 2x55 zombies, 30 ghouls, 25 grave guard, 2 dire wolves, 3 spirit hosts, 3x8 hexwraiths, 2 terrorgeists, and 3x2 fell bats. As you can see everything cloberred up the middle and an eventual Spell, Curse of Years, ate through Brandon's 12 Black Knights and terrorgeists screamed down the flanks. My general saw combat twice which was risky but no guts no glory... Hexwraiths did do well against his army though one unit did die eventually to the third magic missile. They are very maneuverable but need to be babysit-ted by the general.