Wednesday, May 2, 2012

VC vs. VC battle report

While testing out 3k lists for VC I wanted to try out hexwraiths. I ended up taking a VC lord lvl 4, 2 lvl Necros. 2x55 zombies, 30 ghouls, 25 grave guard, 2 dire wolves, 3 spirit hosts, 3x8 hexwraiths, 2 terrorgeists, and 3x2 fell bats. As you can see everything cloberred up the middle and an eventual Spell, Curse of Years, ate through Brandon's 12 Black Knights and terrorgeists screamed down the flanks. My general saw combat twice which was risky but no guts no glory... Hexwraiths did do well against his army though one unit did die eventually to the third magic missile. They are very maneuverable but need to be babysit-ted by the general.

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