Saturday, May 26, 2012

Midwest Rampage 2012 Game 5

Well game 5 came down to the Evil Bretonnian list and Jake Murphy. If you remember he tooled me at Acon a month ago and I owe him dearly. We did the typical one sided deployment as he chilled and laid back. This game came down to the uber units in combat and was a B&G scenario. I failed on his counter charge to stay in combat with having lost by 2 and needing a leadership 6 to stay. Crown of command would have helped here but i swear he made 6+ saves versus my 20 irongut attacks and 2 characters who had 8 attacks... When the grail knights came in he only had 3 knights because I whittled them down from 9 with shooting the turn before. On the flank of the Grail Knights my mournfang would of countercharged or forced a flank but failed their strength test on a 6. The gorger even tried to hold up the grail knights but failed his rear charge on them rolling a 4, needing a 6. So i tried, but should have taken CoC for the hole tournament. Even Jake would say I had him responding to my moves and moving back....maybe next time...
The aftermath in his back table when his grail knights charged, I only killed 3 knights out of 10 wounds he made 7 saves.....stinking knights...
Great game 5 though Jake was my 12 and number 1 opponent through the weekend.

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