Saturday, May 26, 2012

Midwest rampage 2012 game 4

Game 4 Sunday morning went to Jeremy Buch. His Dark Elf army seemed Top Tier with a black dragon, double hydra, and double black guard. All tough units. I couldn't let him charge me and so I proceeded to chill and shoot. The picture is turn 2 and when he started his hydra had 4 wounds and dragon had 2. He then proceeded to charge the dragon into the mournfangs and I killed the dragon. The tower of blood giving me hatred with 21 attacks didn't help either. Additionally my formation allowed me to bring a model up if he killed a fang so regardless the dragon was going to eat alot. I won combat and pursued. I then began flank charging unit after unit and swept his line. Without the general performing it wasn't pretty and he conceded turn 3. I suppose he wasn't having a good time by then but expected more from him.

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