Friday, April 27, 2012

Sat. Battle Report Acon

The Orc Ogres.
A level 4 maw Level 1 Firebelly BSB with Banner of Eternal flame 10 Ironguts with FC 6 Bulls with Additional Hand weapons 6 Lead Belchers 3 Sabretusks 1 Ironblaster 3 Mournfangs 2 units of Gnoblars, sorry no traps
Game 1 went against Mr. Wappel with Lizardmen. He had a slann with temple guard, a unit of skinks with 4 kroxigors, 2 individual salamanders, a unit of terradons with a skink hero, and 5 cold one riders. This epic game proceeded with 1 lore of life spell in 3 rounds and 1-2 spells from the ogres in 2 turns. 6 miscasts happened in 3 turns. Meanwhile we both failed all turn 2 charges and his cold one riders failed their leadership role for stupidity. This game turned into a huge double combat in the center of the board with my firebelly+bulls versus his skink/Krox unit eventually breaking the crox. The following turn found the temple guard unit in combat with the SM+BSB+Ironguts plus the ironblaster. We shook hands after the skinks broke cursing the dice. A full slew of battle points put me on table 5 round 2. Game 2 went against a DoC player Named Mr. Walters. Mr. Walters reminded me of Domus, whom he beat down game 1, and played next to Mr. Wappell and myself. His double Bloodletter horde+ herald, 2x6 unit of Tzeench firestarters and Horror plus lore of life Herald proved to much for me. I ended up getting a bubble +1 strength spell and popping the first unit of Bloodletters but not after he killed half the leadbelchers and half the bulls. The following turn he reformed and I charged. I failed to get any spells off and he dispelled the +1 strength finally. I broke and he ran me down and since it was blood and glory we had to stop. This game could have gone differently because i should have threw chaff into the second unit of 40 letters and shot/magic them one more turn before going headlong into the chop fest. Well played sir, but a loss for the ogres. Game 3 saw me 1-1 and going into the muck of the middle tables, so people are so beneath me, lol. And so I fought Empire Steve, my Team Tournament arch rivale of the local scene. We were okay with it, but did make mention of switching to new opponents. We played dawn attack and cornered deployed. This was a typical beat fest. My ironblaster did eat a cannonball but I just charged in headlong versus poor steve. The empire blocks eventually folded by turn 4-5 and it was a win for the Ogres. Game 4, late night by the way, went to Lord of War Ted. Ted brought his ogre list which had a irongut x10, bulls x16, and 2 units of 3 Mournfangs with a unit of 3 maneaters. We had very similar lists but I deployed in such a way to charge his ironguts with his general in it a little quicker. Though this scenario didn't matter much, battleline, it was a, end the game if general dies 'special rule'. I did get the third charge off finally after being 'Mawed' to death once. We talked more ogre strategy then we actually played the game. He was 2-1-0 and I was 2-1 before playing. I am pretty sure we finished the game within 1.25 hours and talked for another hour. He ended up being our Opponents Sunday game 3 for the TT.

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