Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Acon Prep and War Altar Wrap-up

Been working on more Acon projects and played a game with my Night Goblins. First got the War Altar assembled and now finishing the base. I won't paint this piece but it has been more of a challenge to pin and glue 1 piece at a time. The large bird is a heavy metal single piece which is easy to handle but heavy to glue.
Played a practice game today against a local here in town. Ryan, who was featured on the Waaaghcast Podcast for several episodes, has since sold his Wood Elves and picked up High Elves and Bretonnians. His Brets, played at 1,000 pts and did pretty well against me. He had a solid unit get blown away fanatics, mangler, and magic but the other 2 units made waste of warmachines and chariots. He did have to scatter deploy in our Battleline scenario but that was because I out deployed him. My own doom diver was destroyed by his own trebs and the rock lobber destroyed itself. His trebs then scoured my 60 man horde of night goblins with characters to 21, but after making re-rollable panic checks I charged him and we stood in combat at the end of the game, turn 5. We may have enough time for turn 6 but it was about 5 min over our time limit anyway. He had killed my doom diver, rock lobber, 2 chariots, and magic user who failed 2 LOS from his trebs. In return I killed 316 points one knight errant unit and 1 magic user. I was happy with the list and am considering it next week for Adepticon.
Lastly completed the assembly of the ToS and primed them. As you can see it was plenty of building to spruce up a 2nd building that had a terrible 2nd floor, and at the price of the tower who can blame me?

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