Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Friday

Adepticon 2012 Friday. Well we arrived Friday early and looked around at vendors on the way in. Getting ready for the 1,000 pt tournament was a treat because I only had 1 practice game with my Night Goblin army.
List: I ended up taking a general, level 1, bsb, 60 night goblins with the poison banner, fanatics, and nets. A mangler, 2 doom divers, 2 bolt throwers, troll, and a chariot. This allows me to deploy more to once side but still threaten armies with a chariot and bolt throwers in their flanks. Game 1 I played for my first opponent Jake Murphy. A previous opponent from Invasion of Kenosha in 2011. He had his brets with 2 lances and only 3 pegs. A simple list but one that can use point denial and swift charges to his advantage. A bad deployment kept my doom divers from hitting him turn one because I couldn't see him, scenario special rule. Later on I proved to almost destroy 2 units, but breaking from his main lance after 2 other stubborn checks, and then the 3rd I lost. He went onto to win Best General for the AM tournament. Game 2 The second game for the AM 1k tournament, fortitude, went against a Warriors of Chaos player who only had a general. I off set my deployment and shot and threw manglers into the generals unit. He cast the unit deleting spell at my unit 3 times and getting it off once but not having a successful 11 or 12 roll for the second roll. The game ended early at around turn 3 but he knew that he had to move fast and try and roll it. Luckily I had a dispel scroll and luck on my hand side and got my mangler, poison bows, fanatics, chariot, and doom diver Game 3 went to an Orc and Goblin General who lost due to special rules dealing electrical damage to random units. He did take 1 giant, 1 unit of wolf riders, and a unit of Night Goblins. I did a typical shoot and stand back until I had to charge, a win for the night goblins. Later I'll post my Saturday and Sunday Champs and TT coverage!

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