Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Update!

Thanks BOLS Well I have not had any games in a week but I thought I would post some updates on modeling. Got in a Rogue Idol from Forge World. Started to assemble a War Altar for a friend and got a mangler squig to work on as well, and started painting some unholy daemons.
Next been working on a building we got in a year ago but just didn't do anything with it. Decided that with old rubble pieces from the Dreadstone blight that I might be able to put together a 2nd tower. So after using a hot knife to cut a new 2 inch stone base out of styrofoam we got the tower together and its 3 stories high and the other is 1.5 stories plus the base. Both are big enough to hide monsters behind and for the price tag, personally, I think its worth it for the 2 larger buildings. Both are in preparation for Mid West Rampage in May!
Buildings now primed black!

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