Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rise of LegendsL Regiments of Renown

 Regiment of Renown: Demonic Warriors

The Regiment of Renown is a Warhammer World Event not lost overseas.  We are attempting to reproduce what Britain has but here in Chicago, Illinois.  Over the next several months myself and several other hobbyists will be putting outselves into the hot-seat and developing Renowned Regiments representative of core army books from Games Workshop.  I plan on working on Warriors of Chaos with a Khorne demonic edge.  The idea will be to completely build each model with a specific theme, demonic in nature.  I want to do Khorne demons because I feel they are the most iconic demons Games Workshop has developed and that most other people identify with, examples Satan.  Then I must incorporate 'special wargear' for each model like a spikey club or eye-patch.  Furthermore, upgrades for individual leaders, musicians, and standard bearer.
CGI demon example
These images are reflective of the theme I want to try and complete which includes using the demon bits I have on Warrior of Chaos models.  The flames will be incorporated with green stuff and will be blue. 
Classic Khorne
A color explosion and what i will try and achieve
A good example of what I will try and achieve can be seen below with destroyer from my CD army this past year.  It includes blue flames, ultra-forge demon parts, bloodthirster bits, and hellcannon bits. 

Example of Khorne Demon already produced, previously used as a destroyer.

My list with a little bit of everything...

Chosen, General – Enchanted shield, nurgle, luck stone, devastating charge stone, dragon bane gem, halberd 
Forsaken slannesh, frenzy, swift-stride, renown – hatre
Warrior, nurgle, halberd, shield
Warrior nurgle, shield, halberd
Warrior khorne, shield

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