Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 8th ed. Army Stats

Just a quick 3d graph of the Year.  It started with me finishing the Brets in WI at Waaapaca!  Then the slow development of The Orcs and Goblins into the fall.  Then Ogres I used as conversions made there way into a New Ogres Army and with the release of the book I ended up focusing on them into the Fall and Winter of 2011.  That Ogre Army is wrapping up at the beginning of 2012 and after that I don't know.  ReVamping the VC could be an option but I also have a Complete HE army that just needs basing and its ready for table top play.

My overall record in 2011 was 34-8-17 for a total of 58 games. Equating out to a 58% win, 13% Tie, and 29% Loss.

My Goal for 2012 is to simply attend 2 GT's(Adepticon and Midwest Rampage), Ardboyz, and as many single day Tournaments(like WaaaghAerie or Invasion of Kenosha 3) as possible. Happy New Year!

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