Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bret Yeomen

Bret Yeomen without Insignia

Angled Views



Head on View


Remember now dipping all highlighting and various washing!


  1. Hello Chuck,
    I caught you talking about about your Brets on the Waaagh Cast. I'm a little new to the WHFB hobby (started this past year with Brets), and was wondering what techniques you used to paint the horses on the Yeoman models. They look fantastic! Drop me a line if you get the chance.


  2. Wow its been awhile since I started on here, well I used bronzed flesh on some of them, and then gradually highlighted it with skull white, so the top of the horse started out with pure BF, and then at the thigh level I blended it with a 2:1 BF and Skull white, then did a 1:1 mix of BF and SW at the knee level and then plain skull white around the feet. The more blends you put in there the better the color looks, and you could also start with skull white at the top and paint down into a bronzed flesh. Then I just paint all the horse foot hair that same skull white it matches easily and you could also use the new washes in the cracks.