Sunday, April 20, 2014

Half-Humans: The Halfling Army Sword and Board

Half-Human: Sword and Board Battle Forge Halflings


This is a unit of 24 sword and board halflings with a hand painted banner.  All details are finished up with eyes, custom banner, and countless layers on all leather, blue, and steel.  My usual raised bases as well.  Going to be adding some details to the bases if I can like skulls and weapons strewn about.

This is my unit of 24 battleforge Sword and Board halflings

Angled view

Hand crafted nest egg on the front of the banner!
Back view has a hand painted chicken

Back view close up.

Getting these bad boys together was tough all bases had to be altered since they weren't slotta bases, ended up tooling them, then pinning them.  Lots of washing and layering.  More to come with the Halflings I just have to organize some colors, be prepared to see them at Blood in the Sun 2014.

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