Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Big Brawl Featured Armies!

The 3,000 point Warhammer fantasy tournament at Adepticon, some featured armies I thought needed to be posted and shared.  Enjoy.
Army,Slannesh DoC, done by John Onto, Board by ODT Gaming!

Dark Elves, lots of fast cav.

A Friends Orc and Goblin Army, basing doesn't match but lots of spiders

Christmas themed Demon Army

Chaos Dwarfs! nice colors

Grant Feters Red Ogre Kingdoms, been beaten once by this at least

Another Chaos Dwarf Army, I loved the red tower, everything was outlined in RED.

Striking Orc and Goblin Army!

Loved the Dragon in this WoC army.

Closeup of the Dragon!

Skaven that looked cohesive.

Orange Giant pulled off in a Beastmen army!

Beastmen Herde watch out, brights on!

This Army was by Ryan Boaz great color.
http://www.adepticon.org/?page_id=8636 Big Brawl overall results

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