Monday, April 28, 2014

Half-Humans: The Halfling Archers

Half Humans: The Halfling Archers

The models as described before have been taken from the Dogs of War set The Fighting Cocks from the early to late 1990s.  They are a mix of GW models that tie in a common archer theme.  The Ogre in the middle ranks acts as a unit filler painted to match in the same way and is the Ogre BodyGuard from the mid 1990s game Mordheim.  A custom banner must still be added to the Standard Bearer and more Archer bits will be added once a few more units have been completed.

My Fighting Cocks painted up Green!

Mordheim bodyogre Added to the Center!

Angled view of my 31 Fighting cock Archers with BullyOgre
The custom banner is added here next to the ogre. some eggs added to it with some bretonnian shields matching the colors of the unit.  Next some shields with checkered patterns that will be added to the unit.

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