Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Display Board and working

New 2014 Display board Lava themed Corner Castle.

Built for multiple armies, examples below.

Adepticon How you use it Orcs and Goblins on Display board.  Won a painting award players chocie!

Woc How you us it 1k army

Acon team tournament on display board

In the pictures below you can see the display board with towers and skulls in it.  The entire board is covered in a thin layer of Spackle!  Then layered up twice black latex paint before priming.  The cuts were made with a Styrofoam cutter and an upper shelf was then made.  I recommend using spackle to fill in all gaps before adding any paint.  Its easy to miss deep corners with paint and simpler to stack the spackle up and fill in the holes beforehand. 
Acon Display board as a WiP
 The back two sections are modular and can be removed for a cover piece of a display board, units can also be put on top of the them.  There are several features including statues on the side of and back of them and a rear castle opening with pillars.

Display board primed black.

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