Monday, May 26, 2014

Terrain Update: Astromancer's Lair and Finished Table!

Midwest Rampage 9 Table Terrain. 
the Midwest rampage is a 40 person Warhammer Fantasy GT in Peoria Illinois.  It features individual tables that players are assigned, build, and bring.  In addition to their armies.  This table features several towers, a cottage, forrest, walls, anvil of vaul, a necro sphinx, and a tower of blood below.

Up close image of the tower, all three kits combined into 1.
Over head Table Top View
Side Tower with cover on

The Tower above features 3 kits in the build the first obvious one is the Astromancers lair.  The second is bits left over from a tower of Sorcery and the Third is another newer hexagon tower from games workshop.  The hexagon tower is split in half and then put on top of the Astromancer Lair's Observatory.  The walkout from the Tower leads to the base of the Tower which resembles a pool of skulls.
Upper tower with cover side open, again 4 levels, GW bits, Stone flooring, and dungeon extras.
Lower 4 levels of the Astromancers layer.  This is split down the middle and floors built into it using balsa wood, dungeon bits, and GW bits.  The flooring is a combination of sand and plasticard stone.

An angled view of the Entire Table: Midwest Rampage Table

Another angle of the 2 towers and house.
In this shot each piece of terrain can be seen, hill tower, sphinx, anvil, blue  wyrding stone, building closest to the camer, another hill and the forrest base in the far right corner.  The towers are battle master towers on cork bases and the building is a miniature art studio cottage with GW bits added and repainted.

Another Overhead shot of the table, a tad bit blurry.

Some busy trees for the corner forrest!  The wooden base lifted with the cork basing to resemble the forrest itself.

Molded walls on top of Cork, then based with wood.  Bloody Ogre bits added with a mushroom!

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