Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec. Tournament

Headed to for a tournament.  2,000pts warhammer fantasy 3 round.  Now not a traditional tournament this is going to be an event for the local food pantry. My list

Slaughtermaster, lvl 4, +Hw, Hellheart
BSB, heavy armor, ironfist
crown of command, brace of pistols
10 ogres full command, +HW
8 Ironguts, Full Command, dragonhide banner
6 leadbelchers musician
3 maneaters brace of pistols, standard, Eternal Flame Banner, sniper/poison
3 mournfangs naked, iron fist and musician

2 sabretusks cats

Hopefully pics and battle reports soon!

1 comment:

  1. Went 3-0 with 500pts win margins for all 3 games. Won versus Dwarfs heavy infantry 2 warmachines, Lizardmen saurus/lore of fire, and Empire MSU list. Learned a little bit too. Maybe try out a Ironblaster next time got the kit and will put it together over december - thats the next thing!