Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmiths

The first daemonsmith is on a temporary base but turned out well. The base on all of them was started with old foundation red and work up to the new blood red. skin tone is a mix of tallarn flesh - devlon mudd - T flesh - Ogryn flesh - tallarn flesh then tallarn flesh/elf flesh then nuln oil in the deepest cracks. The skulls were all pinned and added. The leather was all snakebite leather with devlon mudd wash then rehighlighted up with SB leather to bleash bone
His scepter broke during painting transport at the homestead but other than that I just need to base the little mfer.
As I painted this guy I realized its a pipe in his right hand not him conjuring up dark magic but I'll take my conversion :)
These are the primed before shots sorry these are in reverse order here.

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