Friday, August 30, 2013

Iggefest 2013

IggeFest 2013 - Decatur, Illinois


Well after a long day of playing games Sunday in Decatur for the International Amigofest I may as well post here osme interesting things that happened. I took my WoC list at 2,000 points.

I took Demon Prince(nurgle), Dragon Ogress, Chimera, 17 Warriors, 4x5 Chaos Hounds, 6 Nurgle Chaos Ogres, 6 Chaos Trolls, and 3 Skullcrushers.

Game 1 Turn 3 vs. Dave Dickey

Game 1 went against David Dickey from Springfield. He took a Chaos Demon list with lots of compact blocks. He had a worked up Bloodthirster, 5 Skullcrushers, 40 bloodletters and 2 skullcannons. I lost to this but not without a fight. I did manage to kill his skullcrushers and 1 skullcannon but not before his Bloodthirsters wrecked havoc and finally hunted down my own skullcrushers. His greater +d3 stat item and multi-wound weapon did 16 wounds in 1 round to the SK.

Game 1 Dave Dickey's, Khorne Demons

Game 2 Ryan Goleman, deployment turn 1

Game 2 went to Ryan goleman from Springfield who brought ogres. A double giant list with 8 bulls, 8 guts, bsb, Slaughter master, and 4 mournfangs. The DP held up a giant and bulls for 3 rounds of combat while I fed the guts hounds and worked my way around them eventually flank charging several units. A win for the Warriors.

Game 3 Ryan Goleman's Ogre Kingdoms
Game 3 Turn 3 versus Igge From Finland.
Game 3 went to Igge himself, a chap from Europe who travel sto Illinois every so often. I went right for the kill with all my fast moving units marching right up front. Igge did get the first turn and shoot/flee my chimera because of bad placement but the DP ate up warmachines and dwarf gunman turn 2-4. Lots of action in the center of his deployment. Great time and won best painted out of 12 armies. Had a great time and can't wait until next year.

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