Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Orc and Goblin Rogue Idol Forge World

This was an undertaking and the 2nd largest single model I did. I wanted to make is feasible to use him in a standard orc and goblin army and different from any other idol out there. So if you notice the arms move....yeah they move lol. The base is also inside a 4x6 so he can be removed and stands on a single 50mmx75mm, yup he is going to be my giant. The mushrooms, endless shades of grey, and flock all match my standard orc and goblin units. I know its alot of grey but I sweat I did 4 base coats with black, then mudd, then sephia washes. Then 3 grey shades of highlighting. You can see it in the model but not in the photos, hopefully this guy comes out with my night goblin army next year!


  1. hi chuck,

    I just nominated your blog to have the Liebster award! Check my blog for the details.


    1. Thanks, I have a couple that I might recommend but not 5 yet. Thanks very much for the nomination.

  2. Nice job on the idol! I love the pose-able arms.

  3. I think thats something I am going to contiue to do with larger models that have the room for magnets and metal. Your blog looks great to!.